Scientology - Multiple Choice

Answer in these questions about Scientology.
Quiz by skukka
Last updated: February 6, 2019
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1. Scientology believes in ... ?
Gorn - the humanoid reptilian King
Xenu - Dictator of the Galactic Confederacy
Zapata - Hermit of the Mojave desert
Xena - the Warrior Princess
2. Which US.Government agency was espionaged by the Church of Scientology?
3. Which one of these famous musicians is a scientologist ?
50 Cent
Bruce Springsteen
4. Scientology was founded and invented by ?
A. A. Milne
George R. R. Martin
L. Ron Hubbard
J. K. Rowling
5. Scientology's ''Confessional'' practise where you have to unburden all your secrets and nasty habits to a scientology 'clerk' who records and files your confessions is called ... ?
6. A kind of simple lie detector,a device for displaying and recording electrodermal activity used in scientology's ''Confessionals'' is called ... ?
Pau de Arara
7. Which of these actresses is a well-known scientologist?
Kirstie Alley
Heather Locklear
Candice Bergen
Cybill Shepherd
8. What is the highest level or state a person can get to (= being a spiritual being) according to Scientology ?
Fuctioning Cardassian
Steering Ferengi
Operating Thetan
Controlling Andorian
9. Scientology has declared war upon which branch of medical practises ... ?
10. Which one of these actors is a scientologist ...?
Brad Pitt
Sean Connery
Tom Cruise
Bradley Cooper
11. Which one is a real special unit Scientology has created to service this special group ...?
Celebrity Centres - for famous people, politicians, leaders and sports figures
Childhood Centres - for underprivileged, single-parent families and children with a parent incarcerated
Heaven Centers - for people in financial, physical or mental crises
Wisdom Centers - for elderly, invalid and physically disabled
12. Which one is a paramilitary organization and a private naval force of the Church of Scientology ... ?
Water Front
Ocean Fleat
Ship Def
Sea Org
13. Members of this private naval force make a commitment to Scientology by signing a contract (that is officially described as a symbolic pledge) for how many years at a time ... ?
Thousand years
Billion years
Ten years
Hundred years
14. Which one of these actors is a famous scientologist?
Michael Douglas
Gene Hackman
John Travolta
Jack Nicholson
15. De facto leader of Scientology is ... ?
C. A. Rotwang
Dark Phoenix
David Miscavige
Jared Kushner
16. Which is a commonly used recruitment tool by Scientology, aimed at breaking down a person so that the Scientologists can build the recruit back up ... ?
Army Ranger Training
Video games
Personality Tests
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