Trace the Coast of Europe by Guessing the Biggest Cities

Starting from the top right corner, trace the outline of the European continent by naming the biggest city by population, alongside each country's stretch of coastline.
Only mainland European territories are counted, therefore discluding island cities on continental countries
External territories and micronations are not included
Quiz by Jiaozira
Last updated: June 10, 2020
First submittedJune 9, 2020
Times taken448
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348 k
1.02 m
1.79 m
1.28 m
5.38 m
Saint Petersburg
437 k
627 k
149 k
482 k
466 k
247 k
280 k
114 k
804 k
The Hague
71.5 k
170 k
Le Havre
295 k
507 k
1.64 m
863 k
959 k
25.6 k
167 k
4.96 k
28.4 k
13.5 k
113 k
3.17 m
15.1 m
336 k
284 k
1.01 m
443 k
440 k
439 k
--> End (Georgia)
Level 66
Jun 9, 2020
I've excluded Gibraltar and Monaco, to make the quiz play better. I was slightly more generous with the definition of a coastal city (some of these are ever so slightly off the coast, yet still on water), although cities on rivers, which are far from the coast (ie. Hamburg) are not included.
Level 72
Feb 18, 2021
Really don't think you can exclude Monaco. It is a sovereign state and certainly less obscure than some of the Balkan towns
Level 66
Feb 18, 2021
Monaco is not the problem, but rather the remaining ~10 km of French coastline. Even if people were to guess Menton, France correctly there isn't a lot of room to place the city and have Monaco be visible (or vice versa).
Level 51
Jun 9, 2020
Fun quiz!
Level 66
Jun 9, 2020
Glad you enjoyed it!
Level 59
Jun 9, 2020
Awesome quiz. Though it was harder than I expected. I kept guessing Arkhangelsk Murmansk and spend 1 minute on that.

Definitely deserves a feature

Level 66
Jun 9, 2020
Thank you for the kind words! Murmansk is slightly bigger, but unfortunately it is a bit inland.
Level 71
Jun 9, 2020
It's a good quiz. Because of the difficulty, it deserves more time. You seem to have missed off some sizeable cities - e.g. Bergen, Bordeaux (maybe estuaries don't count?), Bilbao, Porto, Cadiz, Malaga, Valencia, Nice, Genova, Venezia and Thessaloniki, for example.
Level 66
Jun 9, 2020
You have to guess the largest city only among each country's coastline. Bordeaux is larger than Le Havre, but it is too far inland on the Loire? River. I don't mind increasing the time, the quiz is a fair bit difficult.
Level 73
Jun 10, 2020
I think you should specify in the notes that you have to guess the largest city for each country's bit of coastline (it becomes obvious after a bit especially if you have taken the other quiz)
Level 66
Jun 10, 2020
I'll try and explain it better in the description, it is a lot of information to put it all in the title. I always want to reduce confusion for people playing my quizzes.
Level 71
Jun 10, 2020
Damn, I was sure Antwerp, Bordeaux, and Murmansk were coastal. This was a lot of fun though, thanks :)
Level 66
Jun 10, 2020
You are very welcome! It is unfortunate that they aren't coastal, for difficulty's sake. I only realised Murmansk was inland when I was just about to place it on the map.
Level 57
Jun 10, 2020
Great Quiz! pretty harder than previous version.
Level 66
Jun 10, 2020
Yes, indeed. Cheers! :)
Level 67
Jan 14, 2021
Super quiz! Including Gibraltar and Monaco would habe been Lisbon / Algeciras / Gibraltar / Barcelona / Marseille / Monaco / Menton. Don't think Algeciras and Menton would habe been easy to find :D
Level 66
Jan 14, 2021
Thanks! I was going to include them (like I did on my countries version), but I thought better of it while searching for the cities for this quiz :)
Level 68
Jan 26, 2021
I could've sworn Rome was coastal. Nice quiz!
Level 66
Jan 26, 2021
Thank you! Rome's city limits actually do stretch to the coast, but the actual urban area doesn't quite reach that far.
Level 37
Feb 17, 2021
change kotor to bar