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Which Norman conqueror was crowned King of England in 1066, becoming the first non-Saxon leader of the kingdom?William the Conqueror
Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas day of the year 800?Charlemagne
Which belligerent Japanese emperor assumed the throne of his kingdom in 1926?Hirohito
Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders from which American space mission were the first Westerners to orbit the moon in 1968?Apollo 8
Which of the three ships of Christopher Columbus sunk in 1492, which lead to the creation of the first non-permanent colony on Hispaniola?Santa María
Which calendar was adopted by England in 597 on Christmas day?Julian Calendar
Who played Atticus Finch in the 1962 movie 'To Kill a Mockingbird', which premiered on Christmas day?Gregory Peck
From which country was Nicolae Ceaușescu, a communist leader who was executed on Christmas day of 1989?Romania
Enemy soldiers from what war allegedly played games of soccer (football) as part of a truce?World War 1
Which two year war opposing British North America to the newly formed United States ended with the Treaty of Ghent?War of 1812
Which Soviet leader resigned in 1991?Mikhail Gorbachev
Which Swedish astronomer created the Centigrade temperature scale?Anders Celsius
Who was the first king of Franks to be baptized as Catholic,as opposed to pagan?Clovis I
Which river was famously crossed by Continental Army general George Washington in 1776?Delaware River
Which Canadian hockey legend, who is the player with the most games played in the NHL, scored a hat trick and three points in a 8-1 win over the Rangers?Gordie Howe

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