Mario Power-Ups Quiz

Can you guess all of his power-ups he's ever used? I tell you what it does, and you guess the power-up.
Quiz by FigyMaster
Last updated: July 7, 2012
First submittedJuly 7, 2012
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(Hint: The letters at the end of the question represent the game that its from.)
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Lets Mario enlarge to original size, Which allows him to break bricks. (SMB)
Super Mushroom
Makes Mario temporarily invincible. (SMB)
Lets Mario shoot fireballs. (SMB
Fire Flower
Gives Mario the ability of flight and a tail attack. (SMB3)
Super Leaf
Lets Mario swim faster and lets him jump higher. (SMB3)
Frog Suit
Lets Mario fly, gives him a tail attack, and can turn him into an invincible statue. (SMB3)
Tanooki Suit
Gives Mario throwing hammers. (SMB3)
Hammer Suit
Lets you fly for the whole level. (SMB3)
Let's you walk on spikes and jump higher. (SMB3)
Goomba's shoe
Lets Mario shoot super-balls. (SML)
Super Flower
Inflates Mario, allowing him to float for a limited time. (SMW)
Can fly (and glide) and damage enemies while Spin Jumping.(SMW)
Cape Feather
Slows Mario's decent from the air, and lets you hop continuously. (SML2:6GC)
Temporary invincibility, sink in water and barely jump higher (64)
Metal Cap
Lets Mario walk through enemies and chain-link doors (64)
Vanish Cap
Temporary flight. (64)
Wing cap
Works Like a P-Ballon for Mario, Vanish Cap for Luigi, Metal Cap for Wario, and lets Yoshi shoot fire-balls. (64DS)
Power Flower
Lets Mario and Luigi throw Ice Balls (PiT)
Ice Flower
Creates Clones of the Mario Bros. and Baby Mario Bros. (PiT)
Copy Flower
Lets all the Bros. shoot fireballs to make one massive one. (PiT)
Mix Flower
Lets you slide in a shell, or hide in it, and swim faster. (NSMB)
Blue Shell
Shrinks you to microscopic size, leting you jump higher and go to secret areas. (NSMB)
Mini Mushroom
Makes Mario Massive temporarily, letting you crush everything with your super strength and invincibility. (NSMB)
Mega Mushroom
Lets you fly and stick to honey combs. (SMG)
Bee Mushroom
Lets you haver over obstacles and makes you transparent. (SMG)
Ghost Mushroom
Lets Mario jump high. (SMG)
Spring Mushroom
Lets Mario fly. (SMG)
Red Star
Like a Star, but in Super Mario Galaxy.
Rainbow Star
Lets Mario, Luigi, or the Toads the fly and drill in the ground. (NSMB,Wii)
Propeller Mushroom
Lets Mario & friends slide on there belly, shoot ice balls, and swim better. Also creates webbed feet so that you can stick to ice rather than sliding. (NSMB,Wii)
Penguin Suit
Level 34
Aug 24, 2013
Its balloon. otherwise great quiz