Actors by Recurring Role

For each overexposed character and set of dates, name the actor who played the character.
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: December 22, 2019
First submittedNovember 17, 2014
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Times Played
by this Actor:
Mabel "Madea"
9, 2005-2014
Tyler Perry
Mr. Spock
8, 1979-2013
Leonard Nimoy
8, 2000-2016
Hugh Jackman
Hermione Granger
8, 2001-2011
Emma Watson
Noah Levenstein
(Jim's dad)
8, 1999-2012
Eugene Levy
James Bond
7, 1962-1983
Sean Connery
James Bond
7, 1973-1985
Roger Moore
7, 1977-2015
Anthony Daniels
James T Kirk
7, 1979-1994
William Shatner
7, 1995-2012
Judi Dench
Times Played
by this Actor:
Nick Fury
7, 2008-2015
Samuel L. Jackson
Iron Man
7, 2008-2016
Robert Downey Jr.
Clark Griswold
6, 1983-2015
Chevy Chase
Dominic Toretto
6, 2001-2015
Vin Diesel
6, 2001-2014
Ian McKellen
"Dirty" Harry
5, 1971-1988
Clint Eastwood
John Rambo
5, 1982-2015
Sylvester Stallone
4, 1978-1987
Christopher Reeve
Indiana Jones
4, 1981-2008
Harrison Ford
3, 2002-2007
Tobey Maguire
Level 81
Nov 21, 2014
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Level 89
Dec 1, 2014
Got to Wolverine and drew a blank. It was Hugh.... something. Laurie? Grant? What was his last name...
Level 81
Dec 1, 2014
Hugh Laurie and Hugh Grant would both make interesting Wolverines.
Level 81
Dec 4, 2014
and for a while I always remembered his name from some crass Internet review of the movie Swordfish that included a screen cap of Halle Berry topless along with the caption, "Hugh Jack, man?"
Level 81
Feb 16, 2018
and more recently following his massive bulking up for The Wolverine and Days of Future Past the Internet has taken to calling him "Huge Jacked Man"
Level 81
Dec 7, 2014
These are also in a similar vein and might be fun for some:

Characters played by multiple actors 1, 2, 3. and 4.

Level 81
Dec 19, 2014
And 5 and 6.
Level 29
Jan 3, 2015
speeling y u feil mi?
Level 68
Jan 3, 2015
This quiz was way too fickle about spelling.
Level 81
Jan 3, 2015
Sorry. QM redid the answers with regex editing that allows a lot of different spelling combinations when he elected to put this on the front page, but it can be hard to anticipate every possible spelling mistake that people will make.
Level 72
Sep 9, 2018
Dearest Quizmaster, might I request the misspelling of Dench that includes an "s", i.e. Densch? It looked normal to me, although on further reflection, that may not have been the best argument to lead with.
Level 23
Jan 3, 2015
sly stalone should be accepted
Level 81
Jan 3, 2015
Try typing it in as "Stalone, Sly." That will work.
Level 67
Jan 5, 2015
What is Jim's dad a reference to?
Level 81
Jan 5, 2015
Noah Levenstsein is Jim's dad in the American Pie film series.
Level 33
Nov 19, 2016
Judi should be accepted as "Judy!!" I knew who it was I just didn't realize it was spelled that way!
Level 14
Sep 22, 2017
Tell me, where is Alec Baldwin?
Level 82
Oct 23, 2018
For what role?
Level 71
Mar 21, 2018
I know it specifies the years, but, Tom Holland is now tied with Tobey Maguire for Spider Man portrayals; if he is Spider Man in another movie, he will have surpassed Tobey Maguire.
Level 81
May 25, 2018
Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming, Avengers Infinity War... and they already have a Homecoming sequel in the works and unless they leave him as mulch I'm guessing Holland will return for Avengers 4, so, yes, he will surpass Maguire.

But also, yes, the quiz does specify the years.

Level 72
Sep 9, 2018
Another key part of the description is "overexposed", which I am guessing is Kal's curmudgeonly way of saying "iconic". As of the date of this writing, I'd say Maguire still has the upper hand as the more iconic Spider-Man, but just baaaarrrely. After Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Far a From Home, I'm guessing Tom Holland will inherit that mantle, at which point it would make sense for Kal to change the question. Just my $.02.
Level 70
May 15, 2020
Can you accept "RDJ" for iron man?
Level 49
Apr 16, 2021
Great quiz! but some numbers need to be updated on this one:

- C3PO has been played by the same actor in 9 movies, ending in 2019

- M has been played by the same actress in 8 movies, ending in 2015 (uncredited video cameo in SPECTRE)

- Nick Fury has been played by the same actor in 11 movies, ending in 2019

- Iron Man has been played by the same actor 10 times, ending in 2019

- Rambo's number of appearances is right, but his last one was in 2019, not 2015

Again, thanks for another great quiz!

Level 81
Apr 16, 2021
yeah this is way out of date now. Sorry about that.