Statistics for (In)famous Nazis

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Head of the SS and main architect of the "Final Solution"Heinrich Himmler
Reich Minister of Propaganda who poisoned his six children before committing suicide with his wife.Joseph Goebbels
Head of the Luftwaffe; committed suicide after the Nuremburg Tribunal sentenced him to deathHermann Goring
Famous for his military success in North Africa; made to ingest cyanide after conspiring against the FuhrerErwin Rommel
Nazi physician infamous for his sadistic experiments on prisonersJosef Mengele
Deputy to Hitler until his unexpected and unauthorized solo flight to Scotland in 1941Rudolf Hess
SS officer and major executor of the "Final Solution", captured by Israeli agents in Argentina in 1960Adolf Eichmann
Hitler's Minister of Munitions and chief architectAlbert Speer
Nicknamed "The Hangman", this high-ranking Nazi officer was a main architect of the Holocaust before being killed by Czechoslovak commandos in Prague in 1942Reinhard Heydrich
Head of the German Navy; last president of the Third Reich after Hitler's suicideKarl Donitz
Wehrmacht officer and main conspirator in the failed 20 July plot to assassinate Hitler; last words prior to execution were "Long live our sacred Germany!"Claus von Stauffenberg

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