Statistics for Video Games That Start With P

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As some weird yellow circle thing, your job is to eat dots and avoid touching ghosts.Pac-Man
Woman is challenged and taunted by an artificial intelligence who "promises" to give her cake if she completes puzzles with a portal gun.Portal
Small but tough boxer fights his way up through the ranks before finally going up against the legendary Mike Tyson.Punch-Out!!
Rookie defense attorney defends his clients by constantly shouting "Objection!"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Homeowners use a variety of flora to prevent an army of zombies from entering their homes.Plants vs. Zombies
Choose from a variety of famous characters from PlayStation exclusive titles in this all star fighting game!PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Take pictures of Pokémon, using items such as apples to achieve better shots.Pokémon Snap!
It's just another sports game franchise that gets a new release every year. Nothing changes. The sport is soccer, if that helps.Pro Evolution Soccer
Two-dimensional plumber must save seven imprisoned "Star Spirits."Paper Mario
Spaceship pilot crash lands on a mysterious planet and befriends colorful creatures that help him find and repair his ship.Pikmin
Unnamed hero must venture through a series of dungeons to defeat the Grand Vizier Jaffar and save an imprisoned princess.Prince of Persia
Earn your pilot license through lessons in light plane flight, hang gliding, and skydiving.Pilotwings
Use a variety of firearms to complete objectives (which usually involve stealing money.)Payday: The Heist
Shoot a limited supply of balls at a field of colored pegs to clear out specifically marked pegs.Peggle
Schizophrenic man believes the US Air Force is releasing a poison gas on his town, so he massacres the entire USAF.Postal
Secret agent attempts to stop a conspiracy by her employer's rival corporation during an intergalactic war.Perfect Dark

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