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The Best FRIENDS Quiz Ever

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Quiz by samueljcoleman
Last updated: October 2, 2014
First submittedSeptember 23, 2014
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In season two, Phoebe gives Monica a haircut supposedly styled after Demi Moore, who Phoebe mistakes for ______ _____.
Dudley Moore
How many towel categories does Monica have, per 'The Lightning Round'?
What concept does Rachel teach Ben that Ross hates?
Practical Jokes
In 'The One With The Videotape', what is the name of Joey's alter ego?
Ken Adams
The reasons for Chandler being in a box in season four are how-many-fold?
How many sisters does Joey have?
In 'The Flashback', Joey strips naked after Monica asks if he wants to come in for some ________.
What food does Ross think is "TOO COLD" to eat?
Ice Cream
Though it refers to the fear of the number 13, what does Ross think triskaidekaphobia signifies?
Fear of Triscuits
What is the name of the Italian guy with whom Rachel has a fling, and whom Ross despises?
How many years older than Monica is Richard?
What article of clothing tells us that Ross is the father of Rachel's baby?
The Red Sweater
To what sea creatures does Phoebe compare happy couples?
What is the name of Ross's monkey that he obtains in season one?
According to 'The One With the Embryos', what is Rachel's "alleged" favorite movie?
Dangerous Liaisons
In reference to the hint above, her "actual" favorite movie is...?
Weekend At Bernie's
In 'The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister', Chandler says, "Well, my apartment isn't there anymore... Because I _____ it."
In response to Ross's Unagi business, Rachel scares him, justifying it with a strategy called ______ ________.
Salmon Skinroll
What is Phoebe's alter ego?
Regina Phalange
Who moves in with Chandler after Joey temporarily moves out in season two?
What nationality is the blonde woman that Joey and Chandler fight over in 'The One With the Football'?
What nickname does Ross's sandwich hold?
The Moist Maker
What actress plays Rachel's other sister?
Christina Applegate
Who, according to season four, is "always the hostess?"
What do Joey and Chandler get Rachel for Christmas in season two?
Wiper Blades
Who says the first line of the series?
How many pages is Rachel's letter that she writes to Ross at the beach ("FRONT AND BACK")?
Who says the last line of the series?
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Sep 24, 2014
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Sep 20, 2015
Damn, I wrote Regina PhalangY :(
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May 13, 2017
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