American Revolution - Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the American Revolutionary War?
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Last updated: February 6, 2019
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1. Who was the British king during the war?
George III
Louis XIV
Henry VIII
James I
2. What is John Hancock remembered for?
Brewing beer
His signature
His large stature
His wig
3. At the Boston Tea Party in 1773, protestors boarded ships and dumped tea into the water. What did some of the protestors dress up as?
British soldiers
Native Americans
4. The first shot in the Revolutionary War was fired by an unknown person on April 19, 1775. Where did it happen?
Boston, MA
New London, CT
Lexington, MA
Charleston, SC
5. Who were the Hessians?
Soldiers who preferred swords to muskets
Guerilla warriors
German mercenaries who fought for the British
Americans who defected to the British
6. What percentage of people in the thirteen colonies remained loyal to the British crown?
15 - 20%
About 5%
40 - 50%
7. France gave the U.S. crucial assistance during the war. But what did France get out of it?
Large territorial gains
A long term alliance with the United States
Crippling debt
France got the valuable opportunity to stick it to England, but the resulting debt was a cause of the French Revolution
8. Which of the following was written by pamphleteer Thomas Paine?
The Federalist Papers
Democracy in America
Common Sense
9. Who was John Paul Jones?
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys
A British spy
America's first ambassador to France
A sea captain who attacked ships in British waters
10. Where did the Continental Congress meet?
New York
11. Who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Josiah Bartlett
George Washington
James Madison
12. What was the most common firearm used during the war?
Muzzle-loading musket
Gatling gun
13. Where were the British headquarters during the war?
Valley Forge
New York City
British forces did not leave New York until 1783, two years after the end of hostilities
14. What American victory was considered the "turning point" of the war because it led to France deciding to help the Americans?
Battle of Waterloo
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Long Island
Battles of Saratoga
15. What state calls itself the "Crossroads of the American Revolution" because of the many important battles that happened there?
New Jersey
Level 47
Feb 6, 2019
This is an interesting new kind of quiz
Level 49
Feb 8, 2019
who else knows most of this because of oversimplified
Level 82
Feb 11, 2019
Enhance your question.
Level 63
Feb 13, 2019
Wow, new low score for me in this kind of quiz. Then again I never learned about any of this.
Level 81
Jun 7, 2019
Man, I wish it was bears. That would've been great!
Level 68
Jul 3, 2019
I fully agree.
Level 37
Jun 30, 2019
Great quiz!
Level 65
Jul 3, 2019
Thanks for the quiz. Didn't know an awful lot.
Level 64
Jul 3, 2019
New Jersey likes being the crossroads of America because of expensive tolls on its highly confusing turnpike.
Level 58
Jul 3, 2019
I haven't learned about any of this in school, since I'm not American. I got 0 Points :(
Level 54
Jul 3, 2019
Who else has been reading "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine (so men say that you're intense or you're insane)?


Level 39
Apr 23, 2020
I got most of my knowledge from Oversimplified.