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Answers Contain Mother

All the answers contain the mother, or some variant thereof. Based on the clues, guess what they are.
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Last updated: May 9, 2013
First submittedApril 14, 2013
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The second Sunday in May
(in the US)
Mother's Day
Fairy tale author
Mother Goose
ABBA musical
Mamma Mia!
Spouse's mother
Mother Nature
Enemy of Beowulf
Grendel's Mother
Kolkata nun and
1979 Peace Price winner
Mother Teresa
Rich vein of precious ore
Mother Lode
Necessity is the …
Mother of Invention
One's native language
Mother Tongue
… Has got it going on
Stacy's Mom
Small family-owned business
Mom & Pop
Main circuit board of a computer
Inner shell layer of some molluscs
Mother of Pearl
... No hands!
Look Ma
Sitcom abbreviated HIMYM
How I Met Your Mother
Martin Lawrence cross-dressing movie
Big Momma's House
Her bed was too soft for Goldilocks
Mamma Bear
The main alien spacecraft
Went to the cupboard, to give
the poor dog a bone
Mother Hubbard
level 54
May 9, 2013
Could you please accept Stacey for Stacy's Mom?
level ∞
May 9, 2013
level 77
May 12, 2013
got everything except this. But now I remember the song.
level 57
May 13, 2013
And my goodness she really had it going on
level 77
Feb 24, 2014
Love the Fountains of Wayne reference
level 28
May 12, 2013
I remembered "Enemy of Beowulf" because my Lit. teacher made us analyze the one line, "Grendel came greedily loping" over and over again, so it's been stuck in my head ever since then! >.
level 59
Jan 6, 2018
I read it this year and still didn't remember...for some reason I kept thinking of the dragon
level 46
Jul 7, 2014
I am actually sort of glad I didn't know Big Momma's House. :s
level 55
Apr 12, 2015
I kind of knew it because I saw a preview of it on a dvd I watched recently. I still missed it, though, because I thought it was just called Big Momma. Oh, well.
level 49
Mar 20, 2017
Maybe accept Ma & Pa as well as Mom & Pop? I've heard it both ways.
level 72
Oct 4, 2017
Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor daughter a dress
When she got there
The cupboard was bare
And so was her daughter, I guess
level 44
Nov 18, 2017
Accept more variants for Mamma Bear... tried Mother Bear, Mummy Bear and even (in my desperation) Mommy Bear, but to no avail...
level 67
Jan 16, 2018
Just "bear" worked for me.
level 73
Jan 12, 2018
Mothering Sunday for Mother's Day, or are they 2 different things in the US?
level 67
Jan 16, 2018
Looking it up (because I'd never heard of it), the US doesn't have Mothering Sunday. It's a religious holiday that takes place on the third Sunday in Lent, while the US Mother's Day is a secular holiday on the second Sunday in May.
level 71
Jan 27, 2018
Well actually, assuming roleybob is from the UK, he's right: In the UK (and Ireland, I think?), while Mothering Sunday's date is calculated off the lunar calendar as described, it is exactly analogous to Mother's Day in the US, and therefore (IMHO, that is ;-) should be accepted.
level 73
Feb 15, 2018
I am indeed from the UK - I've been led to believe that it started off as Mothering Sunday which was a religious holiday during which Christians were supposed to visit their mother church (not sure how this differs from their normal church), and was later appropriated as a way for gift card shops to make more money (still on the same date)
level 63
Aug 30, 2019
Never heard of stacey, mom & pop and hubbard. Are they all american references? I got the rest though, nearly missed grendel because i first wrote grendl
level 70
Oct 8, 2019
Who sang California Dreaming....