Cyprus Country Quiz

Can you answer these questions about one of the most controversial countries on JetPunk?
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: April 28, 2020
First submittedApril 28, 2020
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Which two continents is Cyprus closest to, geographically?
* based on distance to the mainland
What is the capital of Cyprus?
What are the official languages of Cyprus?
A person from Italy is called an Italian. What do you call a person from Cyprus?
What country has military bases on the island named Akrotiri and Dhekelia?
United Kingdom
Who conquered the island in 333 BC?
Alexander the Great
What empire controlled the island from 58 BC until the Crusades?
Roman Empire /
Byzantine Empire
What crusading king briefly conquered the island in 1191 AD?
Richard the Lionheart
What empire conquered the island in 1570 AD?
Ottoman Empire
What unrecognized state, installed after the Turkish invasion of 1974, controls the
northern part of the country?
Northern Cyprus
What is the nickname for the UN buffer zone that separates the two parts of the country?
Green Line
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Which two islands are larger?
What is the tallest mountain on Cyprus?
* It has the same name as the tallest mountain in a different country
Mount Olympus
What branch of Christianity is practiced by 78% of the population?
Greek Orthodox
What white vegetable in the Brassica family is often thought to have come from Cyprus?
What ancient goddess was supposedly born from sea foam on the coast of Cyprus?
What Shakespeare play, about a Moorish general, was set mostly on Cyprus?
Level 60
Apr 28, 2020
Level 71
Apr 28, 2020
No, this quiz is too Asia-centric
Level 67
May 5, 2020

Ah ... that feels better :)

Level 78
Apr 28, 2020
No Garo Yepremian question? The greatest QB in Super Bowl history, and not even a mention? :-)
Level 77
Apr 28, 2020
And loads of other famous people of Cypriot origin
Level 72
May 12, 2020
That’s not fair! One little mistake! :-P

Besides, he was Armenian, and I believe just happened to incidentally be born in Cyprus.

Level 77
Apr 28, 2020
TRNC should be accepted
Level ∞
Apr 28, 2020
Level 82
Apr 28, 2020
Q1: ANYTHING to keep Cyprus unassociated with Europe. :)
Level 70
Apr 30, 2020
Especially with that "distance to the mainland" trick :)
Level 75
Apr 29, 2020
It should have a question about which element is named after the island because it was mined there a lot during Roman times. It's Copper from Greek Κύπριος and Roman cuprum.
Level 67
May 5, 2020
There is no "should" is it against the law without? will something go horrible wrong if it is not included? Is it a mandatory question that never ever should be omitted?

But it would be a nice addition.

Level 55
Jul 27, 2020
Level 80
Aug 4, 2020
so what have you got against nice things?
Level 48
Jul 10, 2020
Just BTW Quizmaster, congrats on hitting 200,000,000 takes!
Level 66
Jul 16, 2020
Cyprus may be in Europe.
Level 80
Aug 4, 2020
The rest was easy but had no idea about the line even though I crossed it a half dozen times in 2014. Tried dividing line, buffer (zone) line, and some other stuff. I don't remember it being green.