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Watching the news might help you place these countries on the map.
Can you name all the countries that are generally considered to be part of the Middle East?
Turkey has eighty-one provinces. How many can you name?
Can you name all the countries that share a land border with Saudi Arabia?
All Turkey's neighbors have fallen into the sea! Guess their names to bring them back.
Can you name the 20 countries that lie closest to Turkey?
Can you name the 6 countries that border Iraq?
Can you name the countries whose territory lies closest to Israel?
Name the 7 different countries that border Iran - with a map!
Using the map, name the 15 most populous cities in the Middle East.
Can you name the 20 countries that are geographically closest to Egypt?
1,164,379 Middle East Map Quiz
147,032 Countries of the Middle East
146,540 Provinces of Turkey
98,359 Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia
95,813 Countries Bordering Turkey
93,139 Countries Closest to Turkey
90,819 Countries that Border Iraq
87,956 Countries Closest to Israel
78,734 Countries Bordering Iran
72,645 15 Largest Cities in the Middle East With a Map
71,440 Countries Closest to Egypt
63,002 Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf
62,715 Israel Country Quiz
62,429 Middle East Capital Cities Quiz
61,297 Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers
59,030 Egypt Country Quiz
58,028 Modern-Day Countries of the Ottoman Empire on a Map
54,774 Turkey Country Quiz
50,330 Countries in the Ottoman Empire
49,536 Modern-Day Countries of the Persian Empire on a Map
48,894 Countries in the Byzantine Empire
45,790 Which City in the Middle East?
42,922 Flags of the Middle East
42,908 Countries that Beat Egypt
42,802 Saudi Arabia Country Quiz
42,403 10 Plagues of Egypt
42,039 Iran Country Quiz
41,503 A Quiz About Islam
40,373 World Capitals Closest to Jerusalem
39,560 Middle East A-Z
38,390 Biggest Cities once in the Ottoman Empire
36,783 Arab Spring Countries
33,281 English Words of Arabic Origin
32,521 Iraq Country Quiz
31,472 Countries where Arabic is an Official Language
28,957 Iran... or Iraq?
27,991 Biggest Trading Partners - Turkey
27,092 United Arab Emirates Country Quiz
26,552 Israel Immigration by Country
25,886 Lebanon Country Quiz
25,490 Palestine Country Quiz
25,411 Countries that Beat Saudi Arabia
24,198 Qatar Country Quiz
23,931 Cyprus Country Quiz
23,663 Greece... or Cyprus?
23,168 Byzantine History
23,003 Syria Country Quiz
22,971 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
22,818 Yemen Country Quiz
22,790 Jordan Country Quiz
22,151 Countries That Don't Recognize Israel
22,103 Countries that Beat Israel
21,940 Countries Closest to Cyprus
19,982 History of Egypt
19,913 Fertile Crescent Countries
19,440 Oman Country Quiz
18,423 Middle Eastern Geography Quiz
17,255 Countries Surrounding Istanbul
17,188 Geography of Egypt
17,122 Kuwait Country Quiz
16,018 Bahrain Country Quiz
14,273 Prime Ministers of Israel
14,264 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates
14,112 History of Turkey
13,768 Ottoman Empire Quiz
13,604 History of Iran Quiz
13,285 Israel True or False?
13,256 Biggest Cities in Turkey on a Map
13,093 Islands of "The World" in Dubai
13,088 Countries that Have Controlled Mesopotamia
12,934 Word Chain - The Middle East
12,856 Countries that Beat Iraq
12,613Biggest Cities in Turkey
12,019 The Iraq War
11,323 The Dictator Files: Saddam Hussein
10,917World Currencies Quiz on a Map
10,190 Istanbul City Trivia
9,687 Mediterranean Foods
9,378Languages of the Ottoman Empire with a Map
9,080 Turkey A-Z
8,579 History of Israel
8,025 The 12 Tribes of Israel
6,732Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors
6,523 The Persian Gulf War
6,299Provinces of Iran (with map)
6,196 Largest Cities once part of the Byzantine Empire
5,952Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler
5,773All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Iranian Peoples with a Map
5,721All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Ottoman Empire
5,516Countries Bordering Turkey
5,501All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Egypt
5,402Arabic Letters Quiz
5,336Provinces of Turkey Map Quiz
5,046Random Middle Eastern Cities on the Map
4,709Arabic Countries
4,72724 Busiest Air Routes from Dubai on a Map
4,537Modern-Day Countries of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
3,990Governorates of Egypt (With Map)
3,906Countries That Have Controlled Jerusalem
3,817All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Saudis
3,785All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Oman
3,732Countries that Don't Recognize Israel
3,525Biggest Cities In Israel
3,294Largest Cities In The Middle East
3,289The Cities in Turkey
3,270Middle East Capitals
3,237Modern-Day Countries of the Ancient Egyptian Empire with a Map
3,115Tribes of Israel Map Quiz
3,103Arabic Speaking Countries Empty Map Quiz
3,048Countries Closest to Oman
2,962Countries Closest to the Red Sea
2,927Biggest Cities in Iran on a Map
2,823Syria... or Serbia?
2,795Countries that Visit Israel the Most
2,786Ethnicities of Iran on a Map
2,78410 Middle Eastern Countries with the Most Tourists
2,716Regions of Saudi Arabia (With a Map)
2,607Arabic Name Translate
2,518Countries Closest to Jordan
2,512Modern-Day Countries of the Omani Empire in 1820 on a Map
2,491Ottoman Empire Sultans
2,439Countries With the Most Turkish Speakers
2,425Name a Valid Middle East Country
2,413Countries with Most Syrian Refugees
2,413Countries Closest to Bahrain
2,415Modern-Day Countries of the Neo-Assyrian Empire on a Map
2,331Countries Closest to Türkiye by Continent
2,296Random Turkish Words
2,256Governorates of Iraq on a Map
2,236Modern-Day Countries of the Sasanian Empire on a Map
2,233Flags of Countries That Border Iran
2,210Provinces of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
2,194Countries that do not recognize the state of Israel
2,166Biggest Arabic-Speaking Cities
2,158Turkey Immigration by Country
2,109Flags of Countries that Border Turkey
2,095Subdivisions of the Ottoman Empire in 1593 with a Map
2,025Countries Closest to Iran
2,009All 50k+ Cities in Israel and Palestine with a Map
2,005Enemies of Israel
1,976Middle East Geography on the Map
1,947Biggest Cities in the Middle East - Extreme
1,940Provinces (Vilayets) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map
1,926Flags of Countries That Border Israel
1,907Biggest Trading Partners - Israel
1,885Arabic Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,843Turkish Words
1,827Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
1,821Countries Closest to Israel A-Z
1,810World History: Countries within the Ottoman empire
1,776Egyptian Gods Quiz
1,730Geography of Turkey #1
1,720Biggest Cities in the Fertile Crescent on a Map
1,709Provinces (Themes) of the Byzantine Empire in 1025 AD with a Map
1,666Dioceses of the Later Roman Empire with a Map
1,616Ancient Egypt Trivia
1,611Biggest Trading Partners - Saudi Arabia
1,598Provinces of the Persian Empire with a Map
1,584Click to Translate - Arabic
1,537Largest Cities of Saudi Arabia
1,527Districts of Israel (With a Map)
1,522Turkish Words - Random
1,503Countries Closest to Iraq
1,495Countries With the Most Arabic Speakers
1,464Countries that reject passports from Israel
1,427All 50k+ Cities in Turkey with a Map
1,427Click to Translate - Turkish
1,417Emirates of the UAE Map Quiz
1,405Countries of the Middle East in 1350 with a Map
1,391Countries Closest to Lebanon
1,389Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler - bir dakikalık sprint
1,384100 Biggest Cities in Turkey
1,371Ottoman Empire...or Turkey
1,364Countries Closest to Yemen
1,361Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Turkey
1,35320 Countries Closest to Cyprus
1,349Countries of the Middle East - Shape Quiz
1,337Egyptian mythology
1,332Emirates Airline Destinations on a Map
1,312Ancient Egyptian History by Picture
1,301Countries of the Middle East (with a map)
1,302Languages of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
1,285Translate these Countries from Turkish to English
1,269Turkey True or False?
1,245Country Distances: Countries Within Three Countries Of Egypt
1,227Iranian Diaspora
1,224Countries Closest to Kuwait
1,195Cyprus Country Quiz
1,190Süper Lig Champions
1,167South West Asia Map Quiz
1,157Geography - The Persian Empire today
1,143Governorates of Jordan
1,145Country Quiz on a Map - Turkey
1,136Governorates of Lebanon on a Map
1,128Countries Closest to Syria
1,125Regions of Syria (with map!)
1,120Countries that border Turkey
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