Florence City Trivia

Can you answer these questions about the city of Florence, Italy?
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Last updated: October 18, 2019
First submittedOctober 16, 2019
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What cultural rebirth started in Florence around 1300 AD?
The Renaissance
What artist and inventor was born in the nearby town of Vinci in 1452?
What artist, painter of the Sistine Chapel, was born in the nearby settlement
of Caprese in 1475?
What famous sculpture by the above can today be seen in the Galleria dell'Accademia?
What is the Italian name of the city of Florence?
What region is Florence the capital of?
which in Italian is known as ...
A person from Rome is a Roman. What is a person from Florence called?
a Florentine
Who founded the city of Florence in 59 BC as a military camp?
Julius Caesar
Prior to the Romans, what group of people lived in the present-day location of Florence?
What nearby city-state, birthplace of Galileo, did Florence conquer in 1406?
Who wrote "The Divine Comedy"?
Dante Alighieri
Who wrote "The Prince", a book advising rulers how to maintain power?
Niccolò Machiavelli
What famous painting by Sandro Botticelli depicts a woman standing on a scallop shell?
The Birth of Venus
What family led Florence through much of the 15th century and later produced
four popes and a queen of France?
What industry originally brought that family to prominence?
What famous art museum has a name which means "offices" in Italian?
Galleria degli Uffizi
On what river is Florence situated?
What is the most famous bridge on that river? (Hint: its name means "Old Bridge")
Ponte Vecchio
What famous variety of wine, with bottles often enclosed in a straw basket, comes
from the region just to the south of Florence?
Level 66
Oct 18, 2019
Why doesn't fiorentino work? Even wikipedia names it as the demonym.
Level ∞
Oct 18, 2019
That will work now.
Level 72
Oct 21, 2019
Is banking really an 'industry'? That's confusing. Also, please accept "de' Medici".
Level 82
Dec 11, 2019
It's the only one I missed because of that and of what LuckyLuc says below. Poor question, should be fixed or replaced.
Level 57
Dec 11, 2019
It's extremely obvious.
Level 82
Dec 12, 2019
I got the answer when it was featured in october, but not on my second take yesterday because of the word "industry". It's clearly misleading. Maybe I lost my head a bit yesterday but I actually tried textile and weapons instead of banking... "Business" would be more suitable.
Level 62
Oct 26, 2019
The Medici famili "originated" from War victories, its fortune from the culture of the so earned territories, then from Medecine and Pharmany "industry", then from Wool Industry and commerce; and then "only", at the XIIIrd century, they invested this coming fortune in Banking and grew it up.
Level 50
Dec 11, 2019
...to prominence.
Level 68
Aug 18, 2020
Level 83
Dec 9, 2019
Fun quiz. FYI, the family mentioned in question #15 actually produced two queens of France.
Level 82
Dec 11, 2019
Indeed, and two important queens, who both were regents.
Level 80
Dec 11, 2019
So "da Vinci" is not acceptable for "Leonardo da Vinci"? Is this the case on any other JetPunk quiz?
Level 66
Dec 11, 2019
I'm guessing it's because they already give you the "Vinci" clue (so putting "da Vinci" becomes almost trivial), but maybe they could reword the hint so that "da Vinci" would become a valid answer.
Level 67
Feb 2, 2020
Or specifically mention they are after the first name. When davinci doesnt work, it is not a big step to try leonardo. But it is rather weird that the correct answer is treated as incorrent.
Level 47
Dec 11, 2019
I knew most of the answers from Assassin's Creed II
Level 53
Dec 11, 2019
Just a side note, there were two Medici Queen's of France. Catherine married to Henry II and Anne second wife of Henry IV, mother to Louis XIII.
Level 66
Dec 12, 2019
kinda expected Batistuta :)