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Geography by Letter - P

Guess these geographical answers that start with the letter P.
Last updated: December 29, 2018
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Capital of France
51st U.S. state?
Puerto Rico
Primary language of Brazil
Currency of Mexico
Currency of the UK
Prominent London "circus"
Iran by another name
Capital of Western Australia
One of the U.S. states
Largest city in that state
Warsaw is its capital
Running of the Bulls city
Region of eastern Pakistan and northern India
Region of southern Argentina and Chile
Mountain range that divides France and Spain
Famous temple on the Athens Acropolis
The West Bank and the Gaza Strip
Largest city in Bohemia
Roman city destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius
Former English name of Beijing
Ocean inlet that borders Seattle
Puget Sound
Canal that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific
Panama Canal
Body of land surrounded by water on three sides
River that flows past Washington D.C.
level 66
Aug 21, 2013
Puget Sound represent!
level 76
Sep 16, 2013
Took a while for patagonia. Kept thinking pampas, but that's too far east. Great quiz.
level 51
Dec 26, 2013
100% with 3:01 remaining
level 51
Jan 24, 2014
Beat my score - 100% with 3:32 remaining
level 61
May 24, 2018
3:50 here -- it's nice when I take one of these and they all spring to mind and I don't have to spend two minutes "trying to remember" something like I do with some of the geography by letter quizzes.
level 51
Dec 27, 2013
Just to be a little anal-retentive here, Perth is the capital of Western Australia, not West Australia.
level ∞
Dec 28, 2013
level 41
Dec 28, 2013
Can't believe it took me so long to get Pennsylvania considering that I live there
level 71
Mar 17, 2014
Got stuck on Pamplona, like every single time this city comes up on the test. Sigh. Some day I'll manage to remember the English spelling.
level 64
Jun 3, 2018
Really? I thought that the English spelling is identical to the Spanish. Ah! I get it! You must be a Basque. Do you want the quizmaster to accept Iruña as an alternative?
level 73
Dec 31, 2018
I'm guessing travelfan is French.
level 8
May 22, 2014
Great quiz mate,mind taking my quizzes?
level 79
Jul 6, 2014
The Puget Sound is more properly called the "Salish Sea" these days.
level ∞
Jul 6, 2014
level 53
Jul 13, 2014
Yeah, I think Puget Sound is PART of the Salish Sea, not synonymous with it.
level 65
Dec 29, 2018
No one in Washington calls it the Salish Sea. It's the Puget Sound.
level 35
Feb 15, 2015
It's PUGET SOUND! period!
level 69
Feb 17, 2015
it always hurts my belgian heart when i see french fries...
level 59
Mar 10, 2015
To freak people out you should have made the question "Canal that connects the Atlantic in the North West with the Pacific in the South East"!
level 46
Jun 4, 2016
*does the first 8 question* Me: "This is easy!" *goes on* *got 8/24*
level 45
Jun 4, 2016
I found the question: "Iran," very confusing. Could you maybe change it to: "The former name of Iran." Otherwise, great quiz! Thanks!
level 60
Jan 7, 2017
My hairdresser in New Zealand still calls her homeland Persia.
level 47
Jun 24, 2016
I think it's altogether fitting that Philadelphia got 76%.
level 60
Jan 7, 2017
I riproared through all the questions, then I hit Canadian french fries, Seattle and Washington D.C. ERGH!
level 39
Jun 3, 2017
The official name of the currency of the UK is pound sterling and "Iran" is kind of vague for the Persia question. And I'd appreciate it if these quizzes were less focused on the US (Puget Sound & Potomac seems a little too specific compared to the other questions) and more about international geography. Apart from that the quiz is really good!
level 52
Mar 20, 2019
1. The common name for the pound sterling is the pound.
2. Only 5/24 of these are related to the U.S.
3. This is an American site.
level 7
Dec 11, 2017
I only had to use Google for ten of them!
level 52
Mar 20, 2019
You're supposed to take the quiz without cheating
level 53
Nov 6, 2018
Palmyra Atoll is actually closer to becoming a state because it is the only territory to have ratified the constitution
level ∞
Dec 29, 2018
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