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Things that are Good Quiz

All the answers contain the word "Good".
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Last updated: May 14, 2017
First submittedJune 21, 2011
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Two days before Easter
Good Friday
"Break a leg!"
Good Luck
Matt Damon / Ben Affleck movie
Good Will Hunting
South African cape
Cape of Good Hope
What the road to hell is paved with
Good Intentions
... to bad rubbish
Good Riddance
Miss Molly!
Good Golly
Great balls of fire!
Goodness Gracious
Police interrogation strategy
Good Cop Bad Cop
He looked out on the
feast of Stephen
Good King
What Glinda was
Good Witch
Mob movie starring Joe Pesci
Charlie Brown statement of chagrin
Good Grief
Tire company with a blimp
Subject of a Jesus parable
Good Samaritan
Beach Boys song
Good Vibrations
Good fences make these
Good Neighbors
No ___ ___ goes unpunished
Good Deed
Translation of "guten Morgen"
Good Morning
Not putting your elbows on
the table, e.g.
Good Manners
level 48
Jul 13, 2014
Geez--tried many versions of wenceslas--all wrong :(
level 63
Sep 12, 2017
I had the same problem!! Finally I googled the spelling, using the established Shia LaBeouf Rule. :)
level 58
Sep 13, 2017
I haven't laughed that hard in a good while........nice one mate
level 70
May 14, 2017
And of course song Goody Two Shoes :)
level 79
May 14, 2017
Eventually I got "Samaritan." But there's also a parable of the good shepherd. Maybe I know too many parables. Sorry.
level 51
Sep 12, 2017
level 69
Aug 26, 2018
Should definitely be accepted as well.
level 63
Sep 12, 2017
Goodbye Pork Pie (a New Zealand thing).
level 77
Sep 12, 2017
Interesting, but what does it mean? I googled it and it seems it can be either a movie or a hat.
level 50
Sep 12, 2017
Think it's a movie
level 66
Jul 19, 2018
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat is also a classic jazz tune by bassist/composer Charles Mingus....
level 51
Sep 13, 2017
Could "goodness gracious" be loosened up a little? "Good God" "Good Heavens" "Goodness!" "Good Lord" etc. are all the same concept and variations of the same thing. Gave up after trying several
level 61
Sep 14, 2017
I guess you don't know the Jerry Lee Lewis song references in the hint, then? The key line goes "Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!" So that's why it's so specific.
level 61
Sep 14, 2017
level 23
Feb 2, 2018
The South African cape confused me. Maybe if you reworded it to indicate the Cape (water) instead of a cape (superhero type cape) it would make more sense? I don't know if it's just me, but I would have gotten it if I had understood it better.
level 67
Mar 19, 2018
Since 77% of the people have gotten the right answer, I think it's safe to assume that the clue is clear enough as it is.
level 71
Aug 26, 2018
So happy to see good riddance to bad rubbish :)
level 65
Dec 7, 2018
I typed good ridden, couldnt understand why it was wrong. Then tried goodbye out of desperation haha. Thought, huh but this must be it, there isnt another saying that is similar right...?
level 67
Mar 20, 2019
Why isn’t there a “According to Billy Joel, what do only the good do?” question?