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Lords and Ladies

All the answers include either "Lady" or "Lord".
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedJanuary 28, 2013
Last updatedOctober 18, 2015
Times taken12,740
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Wore a meat dress
Lady Gaga
Tiramisu ingredient
Rode naked through the streets
Lady Godiva
Queen of England for nine days
Lady Jane Grey
Song from "Moulin Rouge"
Lady Marmalade
"Out, damned spot!"
Lady MacBeth
"Need You Now" country singers
Lady Antebellum
Gave King Arthur his sword
Lady of the Lake
President's wife
First Lady
President Johnson's wife,
Lady Bird
Margaret Thatcher's nickname
Iron Lady
English poet and famous seducer
Lord Byron
Battle of Trafalgar admiral
Lord Nelson
J.R.R. Tolkien series
Lord of the Rings
Book about boys
marooned on an island
Lord of the Flies
Oliver Cromwell's title
Lord Protector
Person in charge of the
British monarch's personal seal
Lord Privy Seal
Tom Riddle
Lord Voldemort
"The Charge of the Light Brigade" poet
Lord Tennyson
Head honcho at Downton Abbey
Lord Grantham
Featured on British recruiting posters
during WWI
Lord Kitchener
level 53
Mar 2, 2013
did ok but for some reason couldn't spell privy or marmalade though- having a bit of a blonde day!
level 55
Mar 3, 2013
Can't believe only 27% got Lord Tennyson and 49% Lady Godiva. And this is coming out of the mouth of a smart-arse 12 year old!
level 61
Dec 16, 2018
never heard of tennyson, heard of godiva but couldnt remember the name. the reason scores are low is that most of these arent know in other countries. The other reason is at a young age you have JUST learned everything. So in some cases it is no surprise the 10-15 yo know more ( after that t starts to go downhill lol, first other things in life become important to them and then you are too old to remember what you learned when you were a kid ;)) than say a 53 yo, for whom it has been 40 years ago since they were taught certain information (and in many cases never heard of it or needed the informaton since)
level 32
Mar 3, 2013
That was fun, and, by the way, you've introduced a new design for the comments? Looks nice.
level ∞
Mar 7, 2013
Thanks. Glad you noticed! I think these look much nicer!
level 76
Jan 27, 2015
Where I come from, privy is another word for outhouse. Lord Privy Seal brings an interesting picture to my mind.
level 79
Oct 17, 2018
I was hoping for "Lord Sealer" :(
level 58
Dec 23, 2015
Damn, forgot the seal bit of lord privy!
level 66
Nov 6, 2016
I tried 'Lord Privy' and 'Lord Seal', but not the two together! XD
level 67
Dec 23, 2015
WHERE IS LADY C?! lol :)
level 68
Dec 23, 2015
Great quiz.
level 65
Dec 23, 2015
Am I the only one who thought of Queen Elizabeth at a zoo with some seals (or something like that) when it said "the British monarch's personal seal"?
level 72
Dec 23, 2015
I'm a bit surprised Ella Yelich-O'Connor doesn't appear here.
level 46
Dec 24, 2015
Great quiz. How I managed to beat 96% of people despite not getting an answer for two is beyond me!
level 65
Dec 29, 2015
No "Lord Jim"? That was the first one I typed before even looking at the clues...
level 76
Sep 20, 2018
With all the British answers, I'm disappointed that you didn't work in Time Lord!
level 61
Dec 16, 2018
ooo yes!!
level 61
Dec 16, 2018
I was surprised at how low lady of the lake was.
level 69
Dec 18, 2018
she had to be, she was submerged.