Movie Soundtrack Artists

This quiz has two categories. 1) Musical acts 2) Composers. Name the musical acts and composers who wrote or recorded these movie soundtracks.
If multiple answers fit, guess the most prominent
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Last updated: January 15, 2019
First submittedJuly 30, 2013
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Musical Act
The Bodyguard
Whitney Houston
Saturday Night Fever
Bee Gees
Purple Rain
A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles
8 Mile
Bette Midler
Get Rich or Die Tryin'
50 Cent
Toy Story
Randy Newman
Tron: Legacy
Daft Punk
The Graduate
Simon & Garfunkel
Isaac Hayes
The Who
Star Wars
John Williams
The Lion King (score)
Hans Zimmer
The Lion King (songs)
Elton John / Tim Rice
Lord of the Rings series
Howard Shore
The Phantom of the Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Sound of Music
Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Ennio Morricone
West Side Story
Leonard Bernstein
Cole Porter
Level 57
Aug 3, 2014
Only 17% know Ennio Morricone? One of the best composers of the cinema?
Level 84
Nov 26, 2014
I knew him, but actually first from The Mission (amazing score). I'm not surprised though that most do not. How many people actually pay attention to the composer of the score? John Williams is the only one that I think most people would know; maybe Howard Shore now too.
Level 80
May 31, 2016
A lot of us older folks remember Leonard Bernstein wrote West Side Story - still not that many, it would seem. Less than Morricone, at present.
Level 78
Jan 22, 2019
I remember Bernstein and I even remember Cole Porter. If we older quiz takers are expected to know 50 Cent and Eminem to be considered "well rounded" maybe it would only be fair if younger generations also needed to know some of the more "classic" composer, authors, and performers. Just sayin'.
Level 74
Jun 28, 2018
I'm not completely sure about the US but Ennio Morricone is probably closer to being a household name in Europe, where some of his melodies are as prevelant in culture as the most famous classical music pieces. It also helps that Westerns are first and foremost identified with Sergio Leone while it appears that in America, "spaghetti westerns" are still just the less important bastard children of John Wayne/John Ford.
Level 74
Sep 15, 2020
The so called spaghetti westerns ( Leone) are far superior to any John Wayne western ( apart from the Searchers) and Morricones soundtrack's are brilliant.
Level 83
Jan 11, 2019
Sadly, I couldn't get Enrico Fermi out of my head even though he obviously belongs at the top of other quizzes.
Level 58
Dec 21, 2017
I knew Morricone....just not how to spell it!
Level 74
May 1, 2018
No Howard Shore or Hans Zimmer? And like others, surprised so few know Morricone.
Level ∞
Jan 11, 2019
Added Shore and Zimmer.
Level 59
Dec 20, 2018
No Hans Zimmer? Boo hiss.
Level 71
Jan 13, 2019
Quite disappointed to realise I had no idea who composed the LotR soundtrack considering how amazing it is and how much I love everything Tolkien-related.
Level 82
Jan 15, 2019
High school me is pretty pissed that I missed that one.
Level 71
Jan 15, 2019
Why doesn't the quiz accept "Rice" as a sufficient answer?
Level ∞
Jan 15, 2019
Level 66
Jan 15, 2019
You should add Vangelis too.
Level 76
Jan 15, 2019
Was running out of time and thought surely Michael Jackson might be on this list. Well Jackson got me one more answer - Get Rich or Die Trying? Never heard of it :-)
Level 73
Jan 15, 2019
Yan Tiersen is the best Soundtrack Artist. I don't say he should be on the list, just reminding you.
Level 76
Jan 15, 2019
Queen for The Highlander would be a good one.
Level 47
Jan 15, 2019
Sondheim did the lyrics for WSS, could he be included too?
Level 58
Jan 15, 2019
No Will Smith, Men in Black, Wild Wild West
Level 67
Jan 15, 2019
If you didn't know, that thumbnail is from when Whitney Houston is singing Battle Hymn of the Republic
Level 75
Jan 15, 2019
While a lesser-known movie, I really like the original soundtrack that Sondre Lerche did for the movie Dan in Real Life.
Level 82
Dec 8, 2019
it's an excellent soundtrack and the main reason I have watched it 4 times.