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Musical Genres Quiz

Name the musical genre exemplified by each of these artists/groups.
I know this quiz is completely subjective, and that there are many correct answers. Unfortunately, we only take one. Sorry!
Last updated: March 05, 2012
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Miles Davis
Michael Jackson
The Rolling Stones
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Aretha Franklin
Bob Marley
B.B. King
Garth Brooks
Bee Gees
João Gilberto
Bossa Nova
The Clash
Iron Maiden
Heavy Metal
New Age
Woody Guthrie
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Ludwig van Beethoven
Alison Krauss
Scott Joplin
David Guetta
Fela Kuti
level ∞
Mar 5, 2012
Updated and expanded!
level 66
Mar 14, 2012
Really, really... Seriously, hip hop should be accepted for 2Pac. It is the correct term for the genre.
level 61
Mar 14, 2012
Hip hop and rap should both be accepted.
level 72
Mar 16, 2012
Shouldn't techno be accepted for house as well? I'm not sure.
level 21
Sep 13, 2012
Nope! Hahaha. I was happy to see Guetta identified as house. Techno is a whole 'nother ballgame.
level 18
Jul 7, 2012
What the heck is bossa nova?
level 75
May 23, 2014
It's a Brazilian fusion of samba and jazz. Back in the Dark Ages when I was young, Eydie Gorme had a hit called "Blame it on the Bossa Nova."
level 49
Jan 26, 2015
the most famous bossa nova song is call the Girl from Ipomema and is most famous for being sung by a woman who spoke no English.. in the original version, which everyoen has heard.. it is often called elevator music. lol Anyways it was a fusion between jazz and samba music done down in Brazil .. most of the songs were sung in Portuguese .
level 21
Feb 21, 2015
theres a song called Soul Bossa Nova and i was thinking of it when i did this and got it because of Austin Powers.
level 71
Nov 22, 2012
Please put in someone else for Disco. Ohio Players would be good, as would Earth Wind & Fire. While the Beegees may have sold a ton of records, they are parasites.
level 40
Jan 14, 2013
Your opinion Balty. Personally I think Earth Wind Fire suck the big one. (And whose ever heard of those other ones?) I'm not a big fan of the BeeGees either... But you know... it's your opinion - fine. Other people have different opinions. As Aretha would say - R E S P E C T
level 81
Sep 21, 2015
I've seen them at an airport once. Had to ask the guys asking for autographs who they were. Didn't quite dare marching in front of them asking "hey guys? are you famous for something?".
level 71
Oct 14, 2014
I'm not a huge fan of the Bee Gees either, but there's no doubting their extraordinary talent. They were not only responsible for their own considerable number of hits, but they wrote many of the hits recorded by other people at the time as well. And just look at the roll call of artists who have covered their songs - David Bowie, Brian Wilson, Faith No More, Madonna, Elton John, The Flaming Lips, Elvis, Pet Shop Boys, Janis Joplin, Paul Simon.....
level 58
Jan 19, 2017
Ohio Players and Earth Wind and Fire are more R&B/ funk than disco. Thelma Houston, Donna Summer, Boney M are more disco. And Bee Gees are both pop (first half of their career) and disco (second half).
level 41
Apr 23, 2013
Hip Hop for 2pac?
level 71
Apr 17, 2014
Technically speaking, hip-hop as a term covers art, dance, and music- rap is the music, breakdancing the dance, graffiti the art. So they're not equivalent. Could highlife be accepted for Fela Kuti? He called his music Afrobeat (I couldn't remember the broad term), but it was based on highlife.
level 19
Jul 26, 2014
It doesnt accept Dance for Disco.
level 22
Apr 7, 2016
david guetta is not house
level 58
Jan 19, 2017
I've never heard of Afrobeat - the genre is commonly know as Afrojazz. Please accept that as an answer.
level 43
Feb 12, 2017
Classic should be accepted for classic c'mon lol
level 76
Mar 30, 2019
Classic what? Do you mean classical? Not the same thing.
level 78
Mar 25, 2017
Nirvana should also be considered "alternative"
level 76
Sep 17, 2017
All these arguments, and nobody's mentioned the fact that Beethoven was both a Classical and Romantic composer... or possibly neither.
level 76
Jul 26, 2018
And to be perfectly honest, the lack of pre-20th century musicians here is striking, given that there is more variation between modern classical and Baroque, say, than any given pair of 20th century genres.
level 57
Apr 7, 2019
I just commented on that. And while some of his work may be classical I think he is most known for his latter work. It seems the word "Classical" is used in vague way to describe everything before XX century.
level 67
Apr 2, 2018
What about 'Skiffle'...... Lonnie Donegan and 'The Rock Island Line'....... those were the days.
level 57
Apr 7, 2019
by accepting that Beethoven is Classical you agree that Michael Jackson is just Disco, Iron maiden is Rock and so on. Just put Mozart there so Old Ludwig can rest in peace again.
level 57
May 1, 2019
How about New Wave?