Simpsons Characters Quiz

We made a list of the Simpsons characters from the first 9 years of the show. Name as many as you can. Go!
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Last updated: December 30, 2019
First submittedDecember 22, 2012
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Simpson Family
Extended Family
Grampa Simpson
Jacqueline Bouvier
Mona Simpson
Herbert Powell
Gladys Bouvier
Power Plant
Mr. Burns
Waylon Smithers
Frank Grimes
Mindy Simmons
Krusty the Clown
Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Mel
Kent Brockman
Troy McClure
Bumblebee Man
Arnie Pye
Rainier Wolfcastle
Roger Meyers Jr.
Birch Barlow
Scott Christian
Arthur Crandell
Dave Shutton
Principal Skinner
Mrs. Krabappel
Ms. Hoover
Martin Prince
Ralph Wiggum
Nelson Muntz
Otto Mann
Lunchlady Doris
Groundskeeper Willie
Jimbo Jones
Dewey Largo
Dr. J. Loren Pryor
Wendell Borton
Allison Taylor
Janey Powell
Santa's Little Helper
Snowball 2
Mr. Teeny
Ned Flanders
Maude Flanders
Mayor Quimby
Barney Gumble
Disco Stu
Hans Moleman
Comic Book Guy
Chief Wiggum
John Frink
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Reverend Lovejoy
Ms. Albright
Mrs. Glick
Mr. Costington
Fat Tony
Johnny Tightlips
Frankie the Squealer
Helen Lovejoy
Dr. Nick Riviera
Old Jewish Man
Old Barber
Poor Violet
Kirk Van Houten
Luann Van Houten
Lionel Hutz
Martha Quimby
Principal Dondelinger
Baby Gerald
Crazy Cat Lady
Ruth Powers
Cowboy Bob
Cookie Kwan
Agnes Skinner
Jasper Beardly
Princess Kashmir
Blue Haired Lawyer
Judge Roy Snyder
Lindsey Naegle
Mrs. Muntz
Sarah Wiggum
Bleeding Gums
Squeaky Voiced
Moe Szyslak
Brandine Spuckler
Dr. Hibbert
Bernice Hibbert
Capt. McCallister
Radioactive Man
Happy Little Elves
Fallout Boy
Mr. Sparkle
Hank Scorpio
Captain Lance
Capital City Goofball
Lurleen Lumpkin
Jessica Lovejoy
Rich Texan
Rex Banner
Amber Dempsey
Lyle Lanley
Laura Powers
Freddie Quimby
Mr. McGreg
Artie Ziff
Jack Larson
Aristotle Amadopolis
Lois Pennycandy
Cecil Terwilliger
Ginger Flanders
Amber Simpson
Chester Lampwick
Drederick Tatum
Jebediah Springfield
Mary Bailey
Rabbi Hyman
Level 64
Jun 23, 2010
great quiz! I'm a big simpsons fan and still only got 51. easy names i missed include: Apu, Wiggum, Fat Tony Snake
Level 28
Aug 24, 2016
I got most of them in Bart Simpson comics!
Level 35
Mar 16, 2020
You're not a "big" fan if you only got 51. I got 112. Fight me!
Level 51
Oct 26, 2010
Good mother that was a hard one!
Level 44
Apr 13, 2011
i dont watch the simpsons only got homer and bart
Level 46
Aug 28, 2012
no armin tamzarian
Level 40
Sep 22, 2017
No Tibor either. It's probably his fault though. Just blame Tibor.
Level 29
Nov 1, 2012
haha best quiz on this site!
Level 16
Nov 11, 2012
should accept Herb Powell...
Level ∞
Dec 13, 2012
Okay, that will work now.
Level 1
Nov 27, 2012
Not so good, not enough time, need more time then it will be good, i watched my mate get 101, not long enough.
Level ∞
Dec 13, 2012
Changed the time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
Level 34
Jan 1, 2013
It's Abu not Apu no wonder I couldn't get it in
Level 49
Jan 8, 2013
No, it is Apu.
Level 49
Jan 8, 2013
What about Pepi, Homer's adopted "little brother"?
Level 72
Nov 21, 2017
I love you pepsi.
Level 42
Jun 18, 2013
Make the ambiguous ones a bit more lenient, for example I put 'Texan' and 'Jewish Man' for the rich Texan and the old Jewish man and they weren't counted, since they don't have an actual name variations should be accepted.
Level 22
Jun 27, 2013
Hugo Simpson? Bart's twin who lives in the attic?
Level 11
Aug 5, 2013
102? how the hell did i get that?
Level 43
Mar 6, 2014
What about Pinchy? Homer's lobster. If Stampy makes it, so should Pinchy...good quiz though. Missed some easy ones. So many characters though, and all are great.
Level 80
Nov 13, 2014
Level 51
May 24, 2019
Think it's called Plopper
Level 80
Jul 23, 2020
Plopper is his secret identity.
Level 82
Apr 29, 2014
Excellent, fun quiz. There are a few omissions, many mentioned above. Also, Mary Spuckler has been in several episodes (voiced by Zooey Deschanel).
Level 16
Jul 25, 2014
Should accept sideshow raheem
Level 5
Jul 30, 2014
Guys, check out my Simpsons quiz at: It has the same structure as this quiz. It accepts more alternate answers, and has WAY more characters.
Level 65
Oct 29, 2014
Well happy to get Laura Powers, guess that old Simpsons poster I used to have paid off.
Level 67
Nov 12, 2014
What about Lard Lad? :P
Level 68
Nov 12, 2014
The missing character that came to my mind was Krusty's sometime sidekick Corporal Punishment.
Level 31
Nov 12, 2014
A truly pathetic score of 7 for me, but a great quiz for the fans
Level 67
Nov 12, 2014
No Gerald Ford?
Level 14
Nov 30, 2014
got 59. Got lyle lanley with 2 seconds left
Level 67
Jun 15, 2015
Nice quiz, but a bit annoying that you accept first names for some, last names for some, but only first AND last names for others (i.e. Scott Christian, Birch Barlow)
Level 24
Jun 22, 2015
nearly impossible without help. i type the right thing and it won't except on some of them such as jacqueline.
Level 49
Jul 29, 2015
Completely agree with this. The quiz seems very inconsistent as far as accepting names. "Murphy" wasn't enough to get "Bleeding Gums Murphy", yet for many other people a last name was enough. For "Jacqueline Bouvier" I typed both "Bouvier" and "Mrs. Bouvier" and neither worked; then I typed in "Marge's Mother" and that was accepted.
Level 74
Jun 23, 2015
Don't Montgomery Burns' hounds get an entry under "Animals"?
Level 20
Jul 24, 2015
What about JoJo, Homers Helper Monkey
Level 78
Aug 24, 2017
It's Mo Jo and he's there.
Level 58
Jul 24, 2015
You forgot Miss Botz, the Babysitter Bandit, from season 1, I think.
Level 65
Nov 24, 2015
93. Not bad. Although I did miss Apu...
Level 34
Feb 12, 2016
Where's Zutroy?
Level 67
Feb 23, 2016
Possible additions: Malibu stacy (fictional characters), Laddie, pinchy (animals), hugo, Mr. bergstrom, Linguo....
Level 48
Mar 22, 2016
You could add a category for all the names Bart uses to prank Moe.
Level 67
Jun 10, 2019
Better as a seperate quiz,.
Level 41
Jul 6, 2016
got 108 on first try, but missed easy ones like moe and barney
Level 64
Jan 6, 2017
I got 8.
Level 78
Mar 7, 2020
12 here. Though I did have near-misses with "Abu" and "Wiggins". (D'Oh!)

Of course, this is 12 more than I'd get on a Harry Potter quiz. :-P
Level 26
Aug 13, 2016
Is Bill in the media section Bill Clinton?
Level 35
Nov 5, 2016
Level 36
Dec 10, 2016
made 79. Forgett about lots of of important characters, like the school bullies and Cobra, and remembered some really obscure ones. When the clock stops you want to hit your head on the bloody keyboard.
Level 43
Jan 6, 2017
Where is Mr. Bergstrom?
Level 46
Mar 12, 2017
I've never watched the Simpsons in my life nor do I intend to...
Level 46
Mar 12, 2017
Hence, I only got 2, Homer and Bart, because I've heard people talk about them.
Level 67
Jun 10, 2019
I am surprised that people that have never watched it, but have heard about it, only know bart and homer and not marge lisa and maggie..
Level 49
Aug 8, 2017
I hear they have other quizes here you might be interested in, then.
Level 34
Jul 19, 2017
Your adds keep ruining the counter, running in the background and locking up the quiz. Please fix it.
Level 45
Aug 9, 2017
it won't accept "nick riviera" for doctor nick riviera. or "lady bouvier" for jacqueline bouvier.
Level 44
Sep 10, 2017
What about Mr and Mrs Winfield?
Level 62
Sep 18, 2017
Haha Supernintendo Chalmers works!
Level 39
Sep 21, 2017
It is possible to find characters that weren't on here, but only if you are a big Simpsons fan like myself. I got 141. Good job on the list :)
Level 48
Sep 21, 2017
This has been my favorite show since day 1 and I am ashamed at my brain failure. Also, unless I'm missing something, I don't see the Sea Captain. D'oh!
Level 67
Nov 21, 2017
Can you accept Mr. or Mrs. Van Houten for Kirk and Luann? You accepted Mrs. Lovejoy and Mrs. Flanders, so it seems only fair.
Level 67
Jun 10, 2019
Level 59
Nov 21, 2017
Need more categories. i.e. Next door neighbors. Aliens. Doctors. Bullies. Mobsters. Bar Patrons. Cops. Love Interests. News Anchors. Convenience store. etc. whatever
Level 65
Nov 21, 2017
Why do you include some one-off characters like Mindy Simmons and Frank Grimes, but not others? Seems to me there is an easy line to draw between recurring characters (which should be part of the quiz), and one-off characters (which shouldn't be part of the quiz because you have some but left off many others).
Level 49
Nov 28, 2017
it says only from the first 9 episodes
Level 47
Jan 8, 2018
Please accept Miguel Sanchez and Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc for Lionel Hutz
Level 58
May 24, 2018
Super Nintendo Chalmers worked!
Level 82
May 25, 2018
Could you consider accepting Dr. Marvin? I got that much, just couldn't remember the last name.
Level 72
Mar 5, 2019
I don't know what it says about me that the least guessed character I could come up with was Boobarella...
Level 67
Jun 10, 2019
I got krusty's dad but didn't get several of the more known ones ( eventhough I could picture them) Like smithers, marge's sisters, and the bullies' names. Plus I kept on thinking it was kent brockhouse.
Level 28
Sep 3, 2019
Won’t let me have ‘Mr Burns’ Hounds’ or ‘Just Stamp the Ticket Man’, ‘Sarcastic Guy Ralph’ and ‘Jonny Tightlips’ please could this be corrected?
Level 65
Dec 30, 2019
This was a very good quiz. Got 101 which was a good score. However for Aristotle Amadopolis and other names, you should accept the first name, because I put Aristotle (not knowing the surname) but it would not let me have it
Level ∞
Dec 30, 2019
Aristotle will work now
Level 51
Jun 15, 2020
what's up with only accepting nick riviera with the dr in front of it?
Level 70
Sep 14, 2020
Great quiz that you can revisit now and again .I always score in the 140/145 but its funny how I miss different characters each time eg Snake .