U.S. States by Governor Quiz

We give you a pair of governors - past or present. Name the state they governed.
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Last updated: December 7, 2019
First submittedNovember 3, 2011
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George W. Bush | Ann Richards
Arnold Schwarzenegger | Ronald Reagan
Mitt Romney | John Hancock
Bill Clinton | Mike Huckabee
Thomas Jefferson | Tim Kaine
Jimmy Carter | Lester Maddox
George Romney | Gretchen Whitmer
Eliot Spitzer | Nelson Rockefeller
New York
Scott Walker | Robert M. La Follette
Huey Long | Bobby Jindal
Rod Blagojevich | George Ryan
Howard Dean | Madeleine Kunin
Jesse Ventura | Tim Pawlenty
Jeb Bush | Rick Scott
George Wallace | Kay Ivey
Sarah Palin | Frank Murkowski
Josiah Bartlett | John Sununu
New Hampshire
Chris Christie | Jon Corzine
New Jersey
Bill Richardson | Gary Johnson
New Mexico
Jon Huntsman | Gary Herbert
Level 33
Nov 3, 2011
Good one, Quizmaster.
Level 81
Nov 3, 2011
Too easy. How about current governors? Now there's a challenge.
Level 53
Apr 13, 2015
That changes far too often to keep the quiz up to date.
Level 67
Nov 3, 2011
Lol, too easy for Americans that know how to use google maybe.
Level 62
Jan 26, 2015
Uhh, EVERY quiz on this site is easy if you use Google.
Level 83
Aug 28, 2019
Easy for any nationality, creed or sex who uses Google.

....waits 4 years for next comment.

Level 81
Sep 6, 2019
My Very Tricky Analogies quiz was designed to be difficult even if you did use Google.
Level 51
May 13, 2020
Yes, but if we use Google, we are just hurting ourselves by ruining the fun. And even if we're doing it just to brag about our level, we know that deep inside, we didn't do it ourselves, and have the guilt.
Level 72
Aug 28, 2019
I gotta wonder what people get out of this site if they just cheat starting with their first take of every quiz. Where’s the challenge in that?
Level 16
Nov 18, 2011
I once met Ann Richards, a few days before she was diagnosed with cancer. She was a lovely lady.
Level 20
Aug 6, 2012
you gotta cut us a break on the spelling of Massachuetts how many can actually spell it
Level 84
Jul 15, 2014
Spend enough time on this site; you get lots of practice!
Level 49
Jan 17, 2015
cut and paste.. google Massachusetts and use that ;)

I dont consider this cheating cause If I have to spell that one more time I will just call it MASS for the rest of my life ;)

Level 81
Aug 28, 2019
I don't have problems with Massachusetts, but I always forget at least one "i" from Lousiana.
Level 53
Jan 25, 2015
I always love when i get the least-guessed answer but im also pissed more people don't know Huntsman.
Level 74
Jun 18, 2015
Governor Huntsman is a little better known since he vowed to eradicate cancer from the earth - a worthy cause...
Level 82
Aug 27, 2019
Curious how many people who take this quiz think that one of the governors listed is fictional.
Level 86
Sep 4, 2019
(slowly raises hand)
Level 65
Sep 6, 2019
The character on the tv show was supposed to be a descendant of the real signer of the Declaration from the New Hampshire.
Level 70
Aug 27, 2019
Good quiz! I have a weird kind of dyslexia: when it comes to Minnesota, I always type Minneapolis. I mean always. Sorry, Minnesotans. I should know better.
Level 61
Sep 6, 2019
Please don't associate Minneapolis with the rest of the state; we're not all that nuts.
Level 81
Sep 6, 2019
The negative opinion that rural folk have of city dwellers is often mutual.
Level 43
Sep 6, 2019
I've lived in small towns with a population less than 500 people, and big cities (Chicago, Los Angeles), to rural areas out in the middle of nowhere, where the closest town was 30 miles away. In my opinion, everybody's a nut.
Level 70
Sep 6, 2019
Interesting to note that both Illinois governors served time in prison. And they are not the only ones.