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Star Trek: Voyager characters

Identify the characters from Star Trek: Voyager based on the clues provided
Quiz by kenpo17
Last updated: December 4, 2018
First submittedJuly 5, 2018
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1. the Captain
Kathryn Janeway
2. Maquis leader who becomes second in command
3. half-Klingon chief engineer
B'Elanna Torres
4. former Starfleet officer recruited out of prison to join the crew
Tom Paris
5. Holographic character that becomes a permanent crew member
The Doctor
6. Vulcan security officer
7. youthful operations officer who becomes close friends with #4
Harry Kim
8. Talaxian who becomes Voyager's chef
9. Borg drone who joins the crew after being separated from the Collective
Seven of Nine
10. Ocampa who joined the crew when she was two years old
11. Being created during a transporter accident that merged #6 and #8 into one person
12. Maquis who was #2's right hand man, but became a background member of Voyager's crew
13. Former Enterprise officer who establishes communication between Voyager and the Alpha Quadrant
Reginald Barclay
14. Renegade member of the Q Continuum that asks for asylum aboard Voyager
15. Bajoran crew member who turned out to be a Cardassian in disguise
16. Vulcan crew member who tries to mate with #3 during his pon farr
17. Half-human, half-Ktarian child born and raised on Voyager
Naomi Wildman
level 67
Jul 5, 2018
While looking up recurring minor characters to add to this quiz, I discovered that there were quite a few obscure ones. Apparently the show runners reused a lot of common extras and background characters to be consistent with the fact that the crew was isolated from Starfleet and would always have the same couple hundred people on board. Neat.