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472020-05-26100 Best Football Clubs in Europe
312020-09-23Most Valuable Goalkeepers
312020-07-04Country by Picture - Easy
292020-10-16The (Football/Soccer) Clubs They Played At
272020-09-16Every Premier League Number
232020-08-26Most Valuable Multi-National Footballers
232020-08-12Tile Select - Chess Moves
222020-08-27Every Team to Play in the Champions League in the 2010s
212020-09-28Most Valuable Central Midfielders
212020-10-05Most Valuable Left Backs
212020-08-29Cities with Multiple Top-Tier Teams
202020-07-04Country by Picture - Medium
202020-09-30Most Valuable Players - Champions League Teams
202020-09-06Most Valuable Premier League Players, But...
202020-05-29Football Club Teammates Chain
202020-07-04Country by Picture - Hard
192020-04-17Best Teams not to Qualify for the UEFA Champions League
192020-06-30Premier League Club Nicknames
182020-06-07Bundesliga Teams by City Population
182020-10-04Most Valuable Right Wingers (Football/Soccer)
162020-10-13Football Club Teammates Chain #2
162020-10-06Most Valuable Defensive Midfielders
152020-06-09Largest City in Each Bundesländer
142020-09-24Most Valuable Center Backs
132020-10-04Most Valuable Left Wingers (Football/Soccer)
112020-08-29Bundesliga Team by Name Origin
112020-10-01Most Valuable Attacking Midfielders
112020-08-16Premier League Shirt Sponsors
102020-05-22Manager by Last Three Teams
102020-07-18Countries with the Most Goalkeepers (with Names)
102020-06-16One Club Men
92020-09-05Countries That Border Lesotho
92020-09-26Most Valuable Right Backs
82020-09-21Player by Last Three Teams
72020-04-09Best Teams not to Qualify for Europe
72020-10-10EFL Mad Gab
72020-09-06Team by City
62020-06-13Sprint - English Football Pyramid
52020-05-262019/2020 Champions League Stadiums
52020-09-29Most Valuable Right Midfielders
52020-05-14Megacity Demonyms
52020-07-01Premier League Club Nicknames - Badly Translated
52020-05-28Professional Leagues in Europe
52019-11-26Finish the Lyric - Hamood Habibi
52020-09-30Most Valuable Left Midfielders
42020-09-04Sprint - National Capitals