Geography Containing the Letter X

Can you guess these geographical answers that contain the letter X?
Quiz by JPin8497
Last updated: April 2, 2020
First submittedMarch 31, 2020
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A significant percentage of cactus species can be found only in this country
Southern state in the country above, known for its many kinds of mole sauce
Second largest U.S. state
Capital of Arizona
Nelson Mandela was a native speaker of this language, one of 11
official languages of South Africa
Germanic tribe that many English people are descended from
Second least populous country in the European Union, after Malta
England's oldest university
Capital of Nova Scotia
Tourists flock to this Egyptian city to see the Valley of the Kings
Chinese city on the Taiwan Strait, formerly called Amoy
Largest city in South Dakota, named for a Native American tribe
Sioux Falls
It lies just north of Manhattan
French city known as the "Wine Capital of the World"
County just northeast of London, named for a Medieval kingdom
This town in the French Alps hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924
A former capital of China, it is known for its Terracotta Army
Second most populous city in Egypt
This surveyor's line is often considered the boundary between
the Northern and Southern U.S. states
This tributary of the Amazon is nearly 5x as long as any river in the UK
Xingu River
Level 76
Apr 1, 2020
Level 47
Apr 9, 2020
Great Quiz!
Level 71
Apr 1, 2020
Malta is the least populous country in EU, not Luxembourg.
Level 67
Apr 1, 2020
Correct malta is in the EU since 2004 and has a lower population (a couple of 100k might not mean much to other countries, but percentagewise to them it is a huge difference ;) )

Luxembourg is growing faster though. So at one point it did have less inhabitants than malta. But not since about 1950

Level 67
Apr 1, 2020
If you have a hard time coming up with an alternative clue for luxembourg but still want to use it, you can use, "one of the countries that bear the same name as their capital"
Level 81
Apr 1, 2020
Also, "least" generally contains the letter "a" (but not in your clue).
Level 52
Apr 1, 2020
Thanks for letting me know, I will fix that.
Level 58
Apr 9, 2020
Fun Quiz :) Got 18/20
Level 60
Apr 9, 2020
Quite important to note that 'many English people' are descended from Saxons is not correct. They had little impact on our wider gene pool. Please see It would be better to word the question as 'Germanic tribe that invaded Britain after the Romans' or put the approximate time period.
Level ∞
Apr 9, 2020
The quiz is accurate.

"A 2016 study concluded that on average 25–40% of the ancestry of modern Britons was contributed by Anglo-Saxon immigrants."

Lots of other sources confirm this. The Romans, on the other hand, did not leave much of a genetic trace.

Level 40
Apr 9, 2020
I didn't do very well. I don't like this quiz. Those two facts are not connected. Honest. Definitely not.
Level 24
Apr 9, 2020
^^ big fax
Level 64
Apr 9, 2020
Excellent quiz. I need to hone up on my X geography.
Level 55
Apr 9, 2020
Did not know that Oaxaca was known for mole sauce, I know it for drugs.
Level 65
Apr 9, 2020
Had fun taking this quiz from Halifax :)
Level 73
Apr 9, 2020
X marks the spot
Level 44
Apr 10, 2020
Got Xian by accident oh well
Level 44
Apr 16, 2020
Thank you, Amazon Trail 3. I am one of the 6% who knew the Xingu River.
Level 69
May 14, 2020
This quiz is too Egypt-centric.
Level 27
May 27, 2020
I thought the mole sauce one was New Mexico. It’s says state in the country above. I must’ve typed at least 10 times hoping it would accept it once 😂