Countries Chain Game

Each answer starts with the last letter of the answer above
Quiz by evacooper
Last updated: January 2, 2018
First submittedJuly 12, 2015
Times taken3,136
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Low Lands
Nordic country
Himalayan country
Tiny country in the Alps
Communist country
North Korea
Largest African country
-stan country
Tiny country in Oceania
Island country ruled by queen
United Kingdom
Only country containing a Q and a Z
Land of the pyramids
Bangkok is its capital
Country between Norway and Germany
Newest country in Europe
Only country starting with this letter
Level 73
Jul 12, 2015
Level 81
Jul 12, 2015
The United Kingdom is not an island.
Level 48
Jul 12, 2015
It is an "island country," though.
Level 56
Jul 13, 2015
i'll change it to island country
Level 74
Nov 1, 2015
"Country across Madagascar"? I couldn't make sense of that clue.
Level 67
Nov 1, 2015
I agree, I think you mean "Country across FROM Madagascar" perhaps? Maybe mentioning the sea between them, or coming up with a different clue might be better.
Level 59
Nov 1, 2015
Yes, the question makes no sense, sorry.
Level 56
Nov 5, 2015
i'll change the clue.
Level 81
Nov 18, 2015
Somehow I missed the United Kingdom. I think because I don't think of this country as being "ruled" by a monarch, even though it has one. With the time limit I could have just gone through every country in the world until I got it but I was too lazy. :)
Level 28
Jun 4, 2016
The UK is actually ruled by parliament
Level 11
Feb 23, 2016
Check the spelling for lichtenstein--- there is an extra E... that is why I did not get the answer :(
Level 56
Feb 29, 2016
please look online, i havent seen anywhere that its spelled lichtenstein. its liechtenstein.
Level 78
Nov 25, 2016
It is spelled, Lichtenstein. You have an extra 'e'. I have never seen it spelled Liechtenstein.
Level 61
Dec 28, 2016
Lichtenstein is the last name of a famous comic artist, maybe that's what you're all thinking of? Pretty sure (and by that I mean completely sure) that the country is spelled Liechtenstein. Please google/wikipedia search the words "Lichtenstein" and "Liechtenstein"
Level 38
Jul 8, 2017
i agree
Level 44
May 6, 2018
lichtenstein is wrong, it's liechtenstein
Level 19
Jan 3, 2017
I think the first clue, 'Low Lands', really bogs us down and hinders it, maybe change it to something like 'country known for its under-sea-level areas' or something?
Level 37
Dec 3, 2017
Not if you check the meaning of the name: "Nether" - low, (as in nether regions) and "land". it's even clearer in dutch "Neder (low) land" (land.)
Level 45
Jan 17, 2017
Lichtenstein/Liechtenstein both spellings are correct.
Level 37
Apr 12, 2017

That's what's the matter with this world today. One fool states fake news and another fool echoes it, and soon, it becomes so. NO, NO,


Level 54
Oct 25, 2017
Way too much time available. I'm a slow typer and still finished with 7 minutes left.
Level 48
Mar 12, 2019
I missed north korea since I was thinking starts with N ends with A but only as one word, so I tried countries like NamibiA or NicaraguA
Level 39
Nov 25, 2019
Love this quiz!
Level 38
Dec 29, 2019
Great quiz. North Korea took me AGES for some reason! The rest were pretty easy to get though.
Level 64
Dec 18, 2020
Almost no one with knowledge of North Korea calls it a communist country any more - because of, you know, the suppressive theocratic monarchy they've got going over there. Since 2009 even DPRK's own constitution makes no reference to communism, only espousing "Juche", the "embodiment of Kim Il-sung's wisdom" (Wikipedia).

How about just "Hermit Kingdom"?

Level 64
Dec 18, 2020
Also, the UK definitely isn't "ruled by a Queen", that really threw me off! I kinda like it though...
Level 61
Feb 17, 2021
How exactly do more people get Oman than Kosovo if the Oman clue is dependent on people getting Kosovo?