Liechtenstein Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about country of Liechtenstein?
Quiz by KoljiVriVoda
Last updated: June 24, 2020
First submittedSeptember 4, 2015
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Capital city
Most populous municipality
Bordering countries
Official language
Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan are the only countries which are doubly ________,
meaning that all countries they border are also ________
Mountain range in which Liechtenstein lies
Empire that Liechtenstein was part of prior to 1805
Holy Roman Empire
The monarch of Liechtenstein has the power to ____ any legislation
Liechtenstein is the second _____ country in the world, trailing only Monaco
Currency used by Liechtenstein
Swiss franc (CHF)
Type of people who could not vote in Liechtenstein until 1984
Like Monaco and Andorra, the monarch of Liechtenstein has this title
Current monarch
Hans-Adam II
River that forms Liechtenstein's western border
Level 67
Jul 7, 2020
Ha ! I got Hans correct! First I tried common names but once seen in higher circles. So John, richard, george etc, no dave and brads. Then I thought ow wait it should be more german, hans, and got it right at once!
Level 56
Jul 30, 2021
I was actually trying to type Hansel... but I'll take it!
Level 58
Jul 8, 2020
Good quiz! I think an interesting fact about Liechtenstein is that Princess Angela is the first ever black European princess.
Level 74
Aug 13, 2020
She was born in Panama and is of African descent, married to Prince Maximillian, second son of Hans-Adam II. Her marriage to the prince had been authorised by his father, the reigning monarch of Liechtenstein. Together, they have a son, Prince Alfons, who is in the line of succession to the Liechtensteiner throne.
Level 39
Jul 24, 2020
Didn't even know that lichtenstein used that type of currency
Level 86
Jan 8, 2021
Franc was my second guess.
Level 70
Jul 27, 2020
What a tiny, beautiful, friendly country - had the pleasure of cycling along the Rhine and through Vaduz on a beautiful October day. The people we met along the way went out of their way to be kind and helpful to just a few English-speaking American students on a day trip with rented bikes that were on the verge of breaking apart. Even if it is a bit hard to get to, it's absolutely worth the journey.
Level 50
Sep 22, 2020
My first guess for the name of the Prince was Hans. I cannot express in words how surprised I was to get it right first time!
Level 66
Oct 11, 2020
I was just glad I could get prince.
Level 57
Oct 14, 2020
Can 'annul' be accepted too for 'veto'?
Level 55
Jan 8, 2021
No - because it has a different meaning. If something is vetoed, it doesn't happen; if it is annulled then it has happened and then it hasn't happened (legally).
Level 25
Oct 30, 2020
Can you accept "Franken" for "Swiss franc", and "Roman Empire" for "Holy Roman Empire"

I missed both of them because of it.

Level 70
Nov 1, 2020
ditto about Franken
Level 71
Jan 8, 2021
Roman Empire =/= Holy Roman Empire.
Level 68
Jan 8, 2021
Roman Empire in 1805? I don't think that's acceptable :)
Level 68
Jan 8, 2021
The Holy Roman Empire was probably not Holy and an Empire neither but it most definitely wasn't Roman.
Level 68
Jan 9, 2021
When it was originally founded it most definitely was Holy and an Empire but by the 1800s it was none of the things it was claiming to be.
Level 37
May 27, 2021
Unholy German states
Level 62
Jan 8, 2021
Got them all on the first try.
Level 31
Jan 8, 2021
can you please also accept "principality" apart from "prince" please?
Level 48
Jan 8, 2021
I typed Hans thinking that this is probably the most stereotypical German name, didn't really expected to be correct
Level 55
Jan 8, 2021
Brilliant, and probably my favourite country. But don't try hitch-hiking. They have the same dim view of random vagrants as the Swiss! I have been to and through it by car; by tarin and by hitching
Level 68
Jan 8, 2021
Tarin is this dude:


Level 74
Jan 8, 2021
What's tarin?
Level 74
Mar 18, 2021
You probably mean 'train' (🚂) 😁
Level 60
Mar 29, 2021
Zdravo, brate! Ja sam Dakile, verovatno me se secas kad sam te pitao da mi pomognes kako da napravim kviz sa mapom...Mene su banovali I izbrisali mi akaunt, jer sam sirio istinu o Siptarima...Da li postoji neka mogucnost da vratim akaunt? Bio sam level 50 I na tri jezika preko levela 20, imao sam 70% bedzeva...

Hvala unapred, brate. Pozz iz Beograda

Level 74
Mar 29, 2021
Појма немам шта се ради у тим ситуацијама. Пробај да ум напишеш мејл да те врате, али неће толерисати те приче да знаш. Не зато што су на нечијој страни, већ зато што не желе да се сајт претвори у бојно поље. Поздрав.
Level 60
Mar 29, 2021
Znam brate da ne tolerisu, ali kad vidim da mi neki Amerikanac prica o tome cije je Kosovo, iznerviram se skroz, znam da ne bih trebao da obracam paznju na provokacije. Mozda imam samo jak temperament😁...To je dosta teze za nas Srbe, koji znamo dosta o svojoj istoriji, a i o istoriji drzava oko nas..I ko je bio hrabar a ko ne. Pa neko "sa strane" daje podrsku ovima dole! Danas su Nemacka, Britanija, Francuska simbol demokratije, a toliko su ljudi pobili sirom sveta...Britanci su cak jedan ceo narod istrebili...Ima jos dosta da se prica o tome.

Pozdrav, brate, u svakom slucaju! 👍

Level 26
Aug 4, 2021
I didnt get the 5th most guessed answer. Oof.