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Every Country by Clue

Name every country in the world based on these clues
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The Basque region is part of the country
This is the largest landlocked country in the world
The most polluted city in the world is located in this country
The only connection with this country and the mainland is the King Fahd causeway
Caucasus country bordering neither the Black or Caspian Seas
This country is made up of two main islands, Tutuila and Savai'i
This country controls Kaliningrad
The capital is Georgetown
This country's capital is Tallinn
This country contains the city of St Louis
This country is home to the ancient site of Angkor Wat
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were supposedly built in this country
Columbus "discovered" this country on December 4, 1492
The only Absolute Monarchy in Africa
This country declared independence on September 27th 1973
The birthplace of the Voodoo Religion
This country is the Holy Land for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
The Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel was built here
The ancient city of Carthage was located here
This country has more languages spoken than any other in the world
The capital of this country is Kabul
The country has the lowest average elevation
This is the last country Alphabetically
This country is the only place where you can find Lemurs
The currency is the Quetzal
Newest country in Europe
Gdansk is located in this country
This country is home to Dubrovnik
This country is on the southern coast of Lake Turkana
Timbuktu is located in this country
This country's capital is Tripoli
This country claims Western Sahara
This country use to be part of the U.A.R along with Egypt
This is the only english speaking country in Central America
This country's capital is Beirut
This country has the Westernmost point on Mainland Africa
The capital of this country is across the Congo river from Kinsasha
Petra is located here
Formerly called Upper Volta
This country owns the Exclave of Cabinda
Most Oil dependant European Country
The U.S owned part of this country until December 31, 1999
Home to Espiritu Santo
K-Pop is very popular in this country
The Republic of China
Usain Bolt was born here
Mozart was born here
The Gulf of Riga borders this country
One of the official languages of this country is Sinhala
An African archipelago of 115 islands
This country owns the Island of Zanzibar
The only Asian Absolute Monarchy outside the Middle East
This is the least densely populated country in Asia
Monaco borders this country
This is a formerly British city-state
The only Central American country not bordering the Atlantic
This country has a lesser known Mt Olympus
Country home to Transylvania
Smallest nation in the world
The Namib desert is mostly located in this country
Mount Hillaby is the highest mountain on this Caribbean country
In 1979 this country voted against joining Micronesia
Country bordering Romania and Macedonia
Largest Economy in Europe
Country home to Zeeland
This is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa
This country has the most lakes in the world
This country's capital is Majuro
Three settlements here are London, Paris, and Poland
Only border with North America is in this country
Osh is a city on the silk road in this country
The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed to this country
This country fought the Football War against El Salvador
This country made Ethiopia Landlocked in 1991
This country is where the White and Blue Nile meet
Country starting with "R" then a consonant
Also a U.S State
The capital of this country borders the Caspian Sea
The capital of this country is Nouakchott
Third Smallest country in the World
Last time they fought a war they came back with an extra soldier
This country takes up the majority of Hispaniola
The capital of this country borders two other nations, Austria and Hungary
This country is home to the Terracotta Army
Russia and this nation use the Ruble
The smallest country to border Lake Victoria
Country home to lake Bled
This European country is sometimes said to have more islands than any other
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck this country in April 2015
Least populous country in North America
This country won the War of the Pacific
Dodo Birds used to live here
The only enclave in Africa
Buda Castle is located in this country
This country was split into north and south until 1975
Ometepe is an island in a lake with the same name as the country
This African country's capital is named after a U.S President
First country to leave the USSR
30% of this island country is Hindu
Country that means black mountain
Formerly Burma
This is the only southeast Asian country that was never colonized by Europe
This micro-nation is one of the world's oldest republics
St Paul's cathedral is located here
Only one syllable country in Asia
The main island is Tongatapu
This country currently owns the island of Okinawa
The Petronas Towers are located in this country
This country's capital is Castries
This country is made up of Four Island States
Two nations are enclaves of this country
This is the largest country in Africa by area
Rich Coast
This country is home to the Ganges delta
Home to Lake Maracaibo
Country on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden
This is the most populous Spanish speaking country
This country uses the lev
Someone from this country is called a Nigerien
The capital of this country is Lome
Three diamonds make a V-shape on this country's flag
This country borders the Sea of Azov along with Russia
The capital of this country is Libreville
Arch Duke Ferdinand was assasinated here
Country that comes from the word white in Latin
This is the fourth most populous country in the world
Azeris are located in Azerbaijan and this country
Doubly landlocked Asian country
This country's capital is Moroni
The mouth of the Indus river is located in this country
This is the Newest Country in the World
Only South American country with the U.S dollar as it's official currency
This country is just north of Guadeloupe
The largest city is Douala
This country is 11km from Venezuela
This Country borders Belgium, Germany, and France
This country is home to the Darvaza Crater
The official languages of this country are French and Kirundi
Liechtenstein and this Country are the only European Nations that use the Franc
Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and this nation
This country is home to the Simpson Desert
The westernmost country in Europe
This country is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal
The capital is Bangui
This country was last in the world to receive television
This country owns the Eastern half of Tierra del Fuego
This is where the source of the Blue Nile is
This country only borders Romania and Ukraine
The Skytower, the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, is here
This country became independent in 2002
Country home to the region of Macedonia
This country's capital has the same name as the country
This country's largest island is Santiago
Home to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu
New Providence is the largest island in this country
This country is know for the palm islands
This country surrounds the Sea of Marmara
Guadalcanal is located here
This island nation is located south of Italy
Formerly known as Zaire
Country home to Lake Volta
This country is home to Morne Trois Pitons National Park
This country owns the Cape of Good Hope
Iraq invaded this country in 1990
This is the world's only remaining Necrocracy
Landlocked African country with a major lake named after it
May precede Bissau
Lowest Life-Expectancy in the World
Nollywood is centered here
The Majority of the Kalahari desert is located in this Country
Will host the 2022 World Cup
This country is on the Northern part of the Rio de la Plata
England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
This country has two capitals starting with "L" and "S"
This country is mainly composed of two islands in the Gulf of Guinea
This country owns the Visayas
This mainland country used to be a major Portuguese Territory on the Indian Ocean
This caribbean country's main export is Nutmeg
Formerly called Dutch Guiana
This country's national language is Catalan
This country's largest island is Zealand
Where the bay of pigs invasion happened
Lake Nyasa is also called Lake _______
The majority of the Douro River is located in this country
Country on the west coast of the Gulf of Bothnia
Bruges is located in this Country
This country owns the exclave of Madha
The city of Aden is located in this country
The majority of the Zambezi river flows through this country
This European country shares an island with the United Kingdom
This country is home to the Fann mountains
This American country's capital is on a river with the same name as the country
This country's flag contains the Union Jack and nine gold stars
This is the largest country that speaks Portuguese
Country with the shortest coastline
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level 46
Oct 20, 2017
None of the type ins are enabled and The People's Republic of China is the official long name for China so I'm confused on why the answer is Taiwan cuz Taiwan is the Republic of China.
level 58
Oct 20, 2017
Both are Fixed now!
level 69
Oct 21, 2017
Very good quiz, really tests your knowledge. But nowhere near enough time allotted - I only got to the top of the third column and I moved at a pretty good pace. A lot of questions for what was it, 14 minutes?
level 58
Oct 21, 2017
Changed the time to 20 minutes
level 53
Nov 9, 2017
Even 20 minutes are not a lot of time, may be 30 min?
level 71
Nov 26, 2017
I agree with cuotak here, I barely got to the end of the 2nd column before I ran out of time. I mean, the normal countries of the world quiz gives you 15 minutes just to type in the 196 answers, so now you are essentially giving only 5 minutes of extra time for reading the 196 clues.
level 58
Nov 26, 2017
Changed time to 30
level 68
Oct 23, 2017
nice! would be nice if you could keep track of what countries are missing. any chances of adding a map to help on that?
level 58
Oct 23, 2017
That would be cool, except I have tried multiple times and cannot figure out for the life of me how to make a map.
level 58
Oct 23, 2017
Nevermind, I figured it out!
level 68
Oct 24, 2017
well done!
level 33
Oct 24, 2017
aren't Australia and New Zealand monarchies ?
level 56
Nov 26, 2017
Nowhere near absolute ones, and only nominally ruled by queen Elizabeth.
level 53
Oct 28, 2017
There is a typo in the Kyrgyzstani clue; ww.
level 58
Oct 28, 2017
level 53
Nov 25, 2017
AGH! Good quiz, but super easy to miss stuff. I got Mozambique for the Portuguese territory (only 6%?), but completely missed the Basque question.
level 60
Nov 25, 2017
I appreciate that you've made this quiz but I recommend you fix the grammar and change the hints which apply to several countries. I'd list the mistakes but it would take several 1000-character comments and eat up more time than I spent answering the quiz.
level 44
Nov 25, 2017
"Along with Samoa, this country is the only monarchy in Oceania" is incorrect. New Zealand and Australia are both constitutional monarchies, as is Tonga. And Tuvalu. And the Solomon Islands. And Papua New Guinea. Please rephrase the question.
level 56
Nov 26, 2017
A lot of these clues could work for multiple countries, and thus cause a lot of confusion, especially the vague ones. "Country whose capital's name is the country name." could work for at least 5 countries, up to 10 for "somewhat similar". "African country with large lake named after it" can also be Chad, formerly Malawi, formerly Tanzania, etc. Russia also fits under Georgia's clue, USA could work for Liberia's clue, etc.
level 58
Nov 26, 2017
I realized I changed answers, but I didn't reset the quiz design! The reason some of the hints don't make sense is because these answers came from other quizzes I made like "African Countries by clue" and things like that.
level 65
Dec 6, 2017
Great quiz, I began to doubt my own name by the time I finished.
level 58
Dec 6, 2017
level 53
Dec 6, 2017
Not really a big deal, but in Belgium's description it says loocated.
level 70
Dec 7, 2017
Some issues:
Belgium: 2x typo - loocated, Country
Congo: typo - Kinsasha + I would leave out the river name
Iceland: Azores are further west ...
Ivory Coast: St Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan looks interesting, but not sure why it's singled out among other cathedrals of the same name. "biggest church in the world" is a much better clue.
level 23
Feb 25, 2018
In the Belgium Clue, there is a spelling error, there shouldn't be a double o in "located"
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