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Mono Words

Use the definitions to guess these words that all start with the prefix "mono".
Quiz by islabonita
Last updated: October 14, 2019
First submittedOctober 12, 2019
Times taken2,797
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The control of an entire market by a single company
An eyeglass for one eye
A train that runs on a single track
Something made from one large block of stone
A lengthy, uninterrupted speech in a play or novel
Someone who only believes in one god
The practice of being married to only one person at a time
A design composed of one or more letters, used as an identifying mark
Having a one-word name such as Prince or Cher
A chemical compound that has a single oxygen atom
The full name of a contagious disease known as "mono" for short
Mental disorder characterized with an unhealthy obsession with some particular thing
A style of speaking with no variation in pitch, volume, or inflection
Having only a single color
Knowing only a single language
Group of animals that includes echidnas and platypuses
The cultivation of a single crop, or, a society with no diversity
level 73
Oct 12, 2019
Could you accept monotonous for monotony? Not strictly the noun it asks for, but the same root.
level ∞
Oct 13, 2019
Having monotony and monotone on the same quiz is somewhat problematic for this request. I decided to replace monotony with monomania. Monotonous will now be accepted for monotone.
level 76
Oct 12, 2019
Indentifying should be identifying.
level ∞
Oct 13, 2019
level 83
Oct 12, 2019
The photo appears to be a pince-nez, not a monocle.
level 72
Oct 13, 2019
Yep that photo's definitely got two lenses - I think it belongs in the bi quiz!
level ∞
Oct 13, 2019
D'oh. My fault. Now fixed.
level 63
Oct 13, 2019
missed monomania, never heard of it, tried monophilia and mononymous, also hadnt heard of it and tried mononym mononomen. couldnt get the right mix of latin and english..

Happy and a bit surprised I got monotremes. When I read the clue I thought ow yea they are in one group, but I have never learned that name, nor consciously looked at it when coming across is, just mon..blabla reading on. So somehow my subconscious picked it up! because I got/guessed it right. But well eventhough it felt like a guess to me, getting it right in one clearly means I must have stored it even if I wasnt paying attention.

So totally happy with 15/17 the average is pretty high on this quiz with 13/15 imo, maybe because it is still new?

level 63
Oct 13, 2019
And I guess to others monomania is rather wellknown? because it got guessed quite a decent amount of times (more than the single oxygen question)

Maybe it doesnt occur everywhere ;) jk but perhaps in other place it is perhaps classified as part of another disorder? I find it very strange I have never heard about it (and it is not guessed like 10% but 64% so it is something known outthere)

level 78
Oct 14, 2019
Got monotreme from Phineas and Ferb. Thank you, Perry the Platypus!
level 46
Oct 14, 2019
Accept monogamous and mononym?
level ∞
Oct 14, 2019
Monagamous will work now. Mononym won't, since people don't like it when answers complete prematurely.
level 33
Dec 1, 2019
Couldn't the clue be changed slightly to make mononym the right answer? So if people tried mononymous they'd still get it. I tried mononym several times, it never occurred to me to add '-ous' as I've never heard it said like that.
level 69
Oct 23, 2019
What about adding monograph?
level 58
Dec 1, 2019
Could you accept 'monocultural' for monoculture? I tried that and it wasn't accepted.