Rivers of the world Part III: Europe

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Quiz by anonymousrbarm
Last updated: April 1, 2018
First submittedFebruary 2, 2018
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Longest river in Europe
Volga River
Second longest river in Europe
Danube River
Two rivers that join to form the above
Third longest river of Europe
Ural River
Longest right tributary of #1
Oka River
City at the confluence of the above and #1
Nizhny Novgorod
Longest left tributary of #1
Kama River
Longest tributary of #2
Sava River
Above forms the border between what two countries
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Above joins #2 where?
Right tributary of the Sava that forms Bosnia and Herzegovina's eastern border
Longest left tributary of #2
Tisza River
Largest city along the above
River that forms Moldova's western border
Prut River
Largest city on the above
River between Croatia and Hungary
Drava River
Largest city on the above
Second largest city on the above
Third longest Danube tributary; flows through Ukraine and Romania
Siret River
Above joins the Danube at what city
Longest river entirely in Romania
Olt River
Largest city on the above
Ramnicu Valcea
Longest tributary of the Danube in Germany and Switzerland
Inn River
Largest city on the above
Above meets the Danube where?
Long Danube tributary Entirely in Serbia
Velika Morava River
Danube tributary running through Sofia
Iskar River
Danube tributary that is the longest river within Slovakia
Vah River
Danube tributary that is the longest river in Moravia
Morava River
Largest city on the above
Largest Czech city on the above
Fourth longest river in Europe
Largest city on the above
Fifth longest river in Europe
Above is in what republic of Russia
Komi Republic
Mouth of the bove is in what Autonomous Okrug?
Nenets Autonomous Okrug
River between Moldova and Transnistria
Dniester River
Longest river flowing into the White Sea
Northern Dvina River
River running through Prague
Vltava River
Above is a tributary of what river
Elbe River
Longest river of Poland
Vistula River
Tributary of the above that forms the border between Belarus, Poland and Ukraine
Bug River
River between Poland and Germany
Oder River
Longest river in France
Loire River
Longest river of Portugal and Spain
Tagus River
River with its mouth at Porto
Duoro River
River with its mouth at Setubal
Sado River
River with its mouth between Andalucia and the Algarve
Guadiana River
River with its mouth just north of Cadiz
Guadalqivir River
River with flowing through Zaragoza
Ebro River
Main river of Andorra
Valira River
Longest tributary of the Garonne River
Lot River
Italian river with its mouth south of Venice but north of the Po River
Adige River
River flowing through Lake Geneva
Rhone River
Longest river in Switzerland
Rhine River
Long tributary of the Drava River that flows through Graz
Mur River
What river runs through Bucharest?
Dambovita River
What river runs through Kosice
Hornad River
Major river of central Ukraine
Dnieper River
Largest city on the above
Longest right tributary of the above
Pripet River
Longest left tributary of the above
Desna River
Large river that flows through Bremen
Weser River
Longest river of Belgium
Meuse River
Brussels is on what river
Senne River
Longest Rhine Tributary
Moselle River
Second longest rhine tributary
Neckar River
River flowing through Mostar
Longest River of Macedonia
Vardar River
River in St. Petersburg
Neva River
River between Ladoga and Onega
Svir River
Longest river of Lithuania
Neman River
River in Vilnius
Nervis River
Longest river in Latvia
Daugava River
Second longest river in Latvia
Gauja River
Longest river in Denmark
Longest river of England and Wales
River Severn
Longest river of Scotland
River Tay
Longest river of Northern Ireland
Bann River
Longest river of Ireland
Shannon River
Source of the above
Lough Allen
River flowing through Derry
River Foyle
Longest river of Sweden
Longest river of Finland
Longest river of Norway
Glomma River
Level 60
Feb 2, 2018
Great quiz, but not enough time. One remark: Bug River is not a tributary of the Vistula, it is a tributary of the Narew River, which is a tributary of the Vistula.
Level 32
Apr 1, 2018
Thanks for the feedback!