MLB Teams That Have Never Won The World Series

Name the current Major League teams that have never won a World Series in their entire history as a team.
Enter the team names, not the cities
Quiz by EmoPhase
Last updated: October 20, 2021
First submittedOctober 26, 2017
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Colorado Rockies
Milwaukee Brewers
1984, 1998
San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners
2008, 2020
Tampa Bay Rays
2010, 2011
Texas Rangers
Level 90
Jan 4, 2019
Consider accepting just the city/state name? I wasted half my time guessing Colorado and San Diego before I caught on.
Level 70
Mar 13, 2019
That's not much time to guess 7 teams, especially for people whose forte ain't baseball/sports.
Level 66
Jul 22, 2019
I think that's the point. It shouldn't be a typing race, but you also don't want to leave so much time that people with no solid foundation of knowledge can just keep typing answers until they get them all right. I'm a pretty huge baseball fan, and I finished with 47 seconds left. There's only 32 teams, and only seven right answers. The timer gives you enough time to type at least 20 even with blind guessing. If you're guessing more than 20 teams for seven answers, you don't know enough to really earn the points.
Level 43
Jul 22, 2019
*30 teams, not 32, to prove the point even further.
Level 83
May 24, 2019
Theme: none of these teams existed prior to the 1960's.
Level 83
Jul 22, 2019
I did as well on this quiz as these teams have done at winning the World Series.
Level 83
Jul 22, 2019
and then I cheated my way to 5 points because that's what I learned from Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.
Level 75
Jul 22, 2019
I see you did well enough to remember them. Those guys have had a more significant impact on the game than, say, the Washington Nationals.
Level 73
Oct 31, 2019
Above comment did not age well.
Level 56
Jul 22, 2019
Unfortunately those three players will be in the hall of fame, and Pete Rose won't be.
Level 74
Jul 25, 2019
Doubtful. Bonds, while he still has 3 years of eligibility, has been well short to this point in receiving enough votes for induction. He was the best all around player of the three mentioned.

I agree that Rose deserves to be there, but that's just my opinion and the Hall certainly has the right to maintain the standards they see fit. He is definitely guilty of being a bonehead.

Level 67
Jul 22, 2019
In some weird twisted way, Seattle fans are the worst off -- the hapless Seattle Pilots (1969) playing in a horrible AAA ballpark (ironically named Sick's Stadium) were "stolen" from us and became the Milwaukee Brewers, who still haven't won since 1970. And the 2019 season is a "rebuilding" year for the Mariners. But don't you have to build something before you can rebuild it?
Level ∞
Oct 31, 2019
Amazing that the Mariners had Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, and Ken Griffey Jr. on the same team. Then they lost them all to free agency. But somehow, without those players, they set a Major League record by winning 116 games in a single season... and lost to the Yankees in the postseason and never even made it the World Series. And now they are in a multi-decade cycle of futility. Sad story really.
Level 65
Sep 19, 2019
We constantly build talent, not for a World Series, but for the Yankees to purchase said talent.
Level 82
Dec 31, 2019
If Nelson Cruz wasn't more concerned about bumping into the right-field wall instead of catching David Freese's fly ball, the Rangers would've won the World Series in 2011. Needlessly short-armed a completely catchable ball that would've ended Game 6.

Absolutely inexcusable for a professional outfielder not to have been ready for that moment. Catch ball. Win World Series. I don't care if a train is coming. You sell out to catch the ball and worry about recovering during the off-season.

I guess steroids don't give you focus and determination.

Level ∞
Oct 28, 2020
Here's the play, for the curious. It does look like a better outfielder could have made the play easily. But I think he simply misread it. Had he read it correctly, he would have sprinted to the spot and then easily caught it without worrying about the fence. Instead, he is jogging and then surprised by the speed of the ball.
Level 52
Nov 1, 2020
I guess it’s time for 2020 to be added to the Rays’ WS appearances
Level ∞
Nov 1, 2020