Ancient Rome

Complete the statements below.
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Julius Caesar, Crassus, and _____ formed the first Triumvirate of Rome.
Julius Caesar was eventually selected as the Consul, which is equivalent to the modern-day US Government as the ____.
After his one-year term as Consul was over, he appointed himself as the ____ of Gaul (modern-day France).
After defeating Pompey in the battle of Dyrrhachium in 48 BC, Caesar was appointed as the ____ __ ____.
Dictator for Life
____ ____ lived with Queen Cleopatra VI (Egypt) in Alexandria despite having been married with Octavian's sister.
Mark Antony
Octavian became emperor and adopted the title ____, which means "great" or "venerable."
This period lasted for 200 years when Rome experienced significant prosperity. It is often referred to as "Pax Romana", which can be translated to English as ____ ____.
Roman Peace
Constantine was the first emperor to declare ____ as the empire's official religion.
The Eastern Roman Empire was also known as the ____ ____.
Byzantine Empire
The Eastern Roman Empire fell after the fall of its capital, ____.
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Apr 1, 2021
Constantine was the first Christian emperor, but the official religion did not change to Christianity until Theodosius.