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The blizzard is forecast to be record-breaking; I'm not sure weather we should stay or flee.whether
Think before you speak; a poorly chosen word may effect people in ways that you neither intend nor expect.affect
On your way home, be sure to drive safety, keep your eyes on the road, and watch out for ice on bridges.safely
If we keep playing like this, we will certainly loose the match; I can't make it any plainer than that.lose
My first suspension was at age eight, when I "accidentally" through a snowball at my third-grade teacher.threw
How are we supposed to accomplice what we came for, with that guard dog making such a racket?accomplish
When he asked me to marry him, I could barley believe it--but I still said "yes" without hesitation.barely
From the prospective of the uninitiated, our rituals must seem pointless and bizarre--but they serve us well.perspective
I support capital punishment for all rapists, murders, and traitors; what they have done is unforgivable.murderers
The newlyweds were feeling so exuberate that they found themselves incapable of solemnity.exuberant
Watching the cat chase it's tail was a source of great hilarity, until it knocked over the bookshelf.its
I don't wan't to be rude, but you're standing on my foot and I'd like you to move immediately.want
Sooner or later, their crimes will catch up with them and they'll receive their just desserts.deserts
My dignity is still in tact, but I can't say the same thing for my tranquility--I'm scared witless.intact
Some of the passengers of the roller coaster were squealing with joy; others were shuttering with terror.shuddering
After pouring over old manuscripts for eight hours straight, the graduate student started sneezing uncontrollably.poring
Using high-quality résumé paper, purchased from a fine-stationary store, shows employers that you're detail-oriented.stationery
Vatican City is the world's smallest sovereign nation, and is administered directly by the Holy Sea.See
He glared so surly at me that I thought he was about to throw a punch; but then he stormed out.surlily
If the encrypted message means what I think it does, than we literally have no time to waste.then

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