Cambodia Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Cambodia?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: July 4, 2020
First submittedAugust 14, 2019
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Peninsula on which Cambodia is situated
Capital of Cambodia
Phnom Penh
Major river that flows through that city
Mekong River
Countries that border Cambodia
Ancient temple complex that is depicted on the flag of Cambodia
Angkor Wat
That temple complex is located this city, with initials SR
Siem Reap
Official language of Cambodia
(also known as Cambodian - but give us the more common name)
That language has 74 of these - more than any other language
Another name for Cambodia hint: starts with K
Religion practiced by 97% of the Cambodian population
Country that controlled Cambodia from 1867 until 1953
Notorious dictator who has been blamed for killing about 20% of Cambodia's
population in the late 1970s
Pol Pot
That dictator was trying to emulate this figure's "Great Leap Forward"
Mao Zedong
Country that invaded Cambodia in 1970
United States
Things in the ground that have killed an estimated 60,000 people since 1970
Land Mines
Level 77
Sep 22, 2019
Nice quiz, not too difficult
Level 73
Sep 22, 2019
The way the Great Leap Forward question is worded, I first thought the answer was China, before getting Mao Zedong. Both answer's are technically correct, but only Mao is accepted.
Level 81
Sep 22, 2019
"answer [is] are" is incorrect.
Level 70
Sep 24, 2019
Would be nice to have a few more difficult questions. Maybe something to do with Tuol Sleng prison, King Sihanouk or Hun Sen?
Level 79
Sep 26, 2019
Or questions related to the Khmer Empire, besides the temple complex. Difficult questions, yes, but also showing a side often forgotten from Cambodia.
Level 67
Oct 7, 2019
Please accept 'characters' for letters.
Level ∞
Oct 7, 2019
Level 63
Dec 2, 2019
Cool quiz, thanks. Easy since I just visited!
Level 61
Dec 2, 2019
the landmines thing is very true - when i was in cambodia there were multiple fields with warning signs saying that i was in danger of blowing up and dying from entering the field bc of landmines
Level 55
Dec 3, 2019
A language doesn't have letters. An alphabet does. So khmer language might have more consonants or vowels than any other language, but for sure it doesn't have more letters. I know I'm nit-picking a bit, but I was completely mislead by the question.
Level 64
Dec 3, 2019
Me too!! +1
Level 49
Dec 3, 2019
Alphabets should be acceptable, I think.
Level 79
Dec 4, 2019
But it only has one alphabet
Level 40
Apr 7, 2020
A real ethnic person from Cambodia, just moved to America 2 years ago.
Level ∞
May 20, 2020
Level 52
Apr 26, 2020
Please accept Zedong?
Level 65
Jul 4, 2020
Small typo, the SR clue shouldn't say "this what."
Level 56
Jul 7, 2020
Country that supported Pol Pot's genocide campaign for over fifteen years: USA
Level 49
Jul 7, 2020
Countries that would have gone apeshit if USA tried to fo anything to stop him: everyone