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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user RBM5
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Times taken 171,680
Quizmaker Rank # 75
100,3212019-06-18 Pokémon Types
15,6962019-01-30DC and Marvel Heroes and Villians
5,8152013-01-28The Walking Dead Trivia
4,4492020-04-15IGN Top 100 Comic Book Heroes
2,8972013-08-27South Park Characters Quiz
2,7322015-01-06IGN Top 100 Comic Book Villains
2,3272012-12-20Mario Kart Wii Characters
1,7402019-08-30Super Smash Bros Perfect Attendence
1,6822014-04-29Family Guy Characters Quiz
1,5912017-02-17Sonic vs Mario at the Olympic Games Characters
1,5062020-01-02Fire Type Pokemon
1,4092020-01-02Water Type Pokemon
1,1592017-02-17All NFL Teams in 2 Minutes
1,1012013-02-04South Park Difficult Trivia
1,0512013-01-30Super Mario Characters
1,0172019-08-30Pokemon Evolutions By Stones
1,0052019-08-30Mega Evolutions
9322020-01-02Psychic Pokemon
9302020-01-02Fossil Pokemon
9202020-01-02Fighting Type Pokemon
9172020-01-02Steel Type Pokemon
9172019-08-30Sonic Characters Quiz
9132020-01-02Bug Type Pokemon
8742012-12-04DC/Marvel Archnemises
8372020-01-02Grass Type Pokemon
7712020-01-02Poison Type Pokemon
7512020-01-02Super Smash Bros Characters
7372020-01-02Rock Type Pokemon
7122013-02-04American Dad! Characters Quiz
6812013-02-15Artist by Song Title
6792020-01-02Ground Type Pokemon
5662020-01-02Dragon Type Pokemon
5362012-12-12Spanish to English (Easy)
5332014-05-12The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz
4872020-01-02Ice Type Pokemon
4642013-07-20Baby/Egg Pokemon
4392020-01-02Electric Type Pokemon
4382019-08-30Pokemon Evolutions by Trading
4322012-12-12Justice League Founders
4312020-03-04Ghost Type Pokemon
4252020-01-02Dark Type Pokemon
4222020-01-02Starter Pokemon
4212012-12-14Spanish to English Colors
4132015-01-06Mario Super Sluggers Characters
4052013-04-16South Park's Coon and Friends
3982020-01-02Flying Type Pokemon
3782020-01-06Fairy Type Pokemon
3692019-02-03Sports Teams by States
3692020-03-04Normal Type Pokemon
3212020-01-02Pokemon Evolutions by Friendship
3082019-01-30Super Smash Bros Stages
3002018-02-14Super Bowl Winners
2922020-01-02Primate Pokemon
2602018-02-14Super Bowl Losers
2462012-12-20Hoenn Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
2272013-08-01Mario Kart 7 Characters
1942013-02-04Scrubs Characters Quiz
1602012-12-20Johto Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
1442012-12-20Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
1402013-02-26TV Show Main Characters
1372013-01-05NFL Starting Quarterbacks
1292012-12-21Unova Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
1262013-03-03Young Justice Founders
1182014-06-14Kalos Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
1002013-01-17Kevin Conroy's Batman
962013-03-03Teen Titans Founders
962020-01-02Legendary Pokemon
782019-08-30Pokemon Pokedex Part 1
732015-01-13NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2014 Season
712013-12-11NFL Starting Quarterbacks.0
612013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Fire Stone
532013-05-10Difficult Trivia
512013-01-13TV Show Settings
502012-12-13NFL Superbowl Non-Attendees
472013-10-27Pokemon Evolutions by Shiny Stone
462013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Thunderstone
412013-04-12Kanto Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members
402014-01-03Pokemon HMs
352013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Dawn Stone
352013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Moon Stone
342013-10-24Pokemon Evolutions by Dusk Stone
332013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Leaf Stone
332013-02-13Artist by Song Title #2
332013-01-16Kirby Air Ride
322013-07-02Pokemon Evolutions by Water Stone
312013-05-10Difficult Trivia 4
262013-03-29Difficult Trivia 5
252019-08-27Hall of Fame QBs
252012-12-12Avengers Founders
252013-01-17Notable Characters
232013-10-27Pokemon Evolutions by Sun Stone
222012-12-13Difficult Trivia 2
222012-12-21Hoenn Battle Frontier
222013-01-05Difficult Trivia 3
212013-10-22Pokemon With No Weaknesses
182013-05-12Difficult Trivia 6
182020-01-02Pokemon Pokedex Part 2
182019-08-27Hall of Fame Wide Receivers
172019-08-15Fire Emblem Three Houses: Golden Deer
172019-08-27Hall of Fame Tight Ends
172020-05-02Legendary/Mythical Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes
162013-01-25Notable Characters #4
142020-04-21Seasonal Units in Fire Emblem Heroes
142013-10-27Difficult Trivia 7
142013-01-20Notable Characters #3
132013-01-19Notable Characters #2
132019-08-15Fire Emblem Three Houses: Blue Lions
122013-01-15Types of Chocolate
122019-08-15Fire Emblem Three Houses: Black Eagles
112019-08-30Hall of Fame RBs
82019-08-27Hall of Fame Kickers
62020-05-07Fire Emblem Heroes: Free to Play units
22020-05-07Fire Emblem Heroes roster
22012-12-21Johto/Sinnoh Battle Frontier
02013-01-16Popular Quotes