Statistics for Embarrassing Chapters in US History

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The U.S. goes to war with this country, ostensibly over "WMDs" which are never foundIraq
The CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion fails in this countryCuba
Nathan Bedford Forrest and others form this organization in 1865 to promote white supremacyKu Klux Klan
Over 58,000 Americans die in this war which ultimately ends in failureVietnam War
From 1692 to 1693, 20 people are executed for witchcraft in this Massachusetts townSalem
Congress and the American public develop an unhealthy obsession with Bill Clinton's sex life,
particularly his affair with this intern
Monica Lewinsky
The federal government botches the response to this 2005 natural disasterHurricane Katrina
After appearing to win the Tour de France multiple times, this man is found guilty of cheatingLance Armstrong
The U.S. starts a war with this country in 1898, provoked mostly by yellow journalismSpain
At the height of the Red Scare, this senator leads sensationalist
attacks against alleged Communists
Joseph McCarthy
As a result of the above, near 50,000 people are forcibly relocated west. Thousands perish
en route. Their journey becomes known as this.
Trail of Tears
This city is captured and burned by British troops in 1814 following the Battle of BladensburgWashington D.C.
Racist laws passed from 1876 to 1965 in various states establish segregation,
prohibit miscegenation, and restrict voting rights. Collectively, these laws are known as this.
{Jim} {Crow} Laws
In response to French opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Congress renames
the french fries served in its cafeterias to this
{Freedom} Fries
After a bungled intervention by the federal government, followers of cult leader David Koresh
burn to death near this city in Texas
In 1830 this president signs the Indian Removal ActAndrew Jackson
This 1925 trial in Tennessee sees a high school teacher charged with teaching human evolution{Scopes} Trial
Nearly 300 Lakota Indians are victims of this massacre in 1890Wounded {Knee}
Photos of detainee abuse at this prison are released in 2006Abu Ghraib
In 1857, this slave sues for his freedom but is told by the Supreme Court that he
can not be a US citizen due to his race and status as property
Dred Scott

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