Harry Potter - 7 x 7

Seven of the many sets of seven in the Harry Potter books
Quiz by Zupity
Last updated: October 7, 2021
First submittedOctober 7, 2021
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Harry Potter
Helga Hufflepuff's cup
Marvolo Gaunt's ring
Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem
Salazar Slytherin's locket
Tom Riddle's diary
People who destroyed horcruxes
Harry Potter
Albus Dumbledore
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Vincent Crabbe
Neville Longbottom
Methods of destroying horcruxes
Basilisk venom in a basilisk fang
Basilisk venom on the sword of Gryffindor
Basilisk venom on the sword of Gryffindor
Basilisk venom in a basilisk fang
Basilisk venom on the sword of Gryffindor
The killing curse
Teachers of Defence against the Dark Arts
Quirinus Quirrell
Guilderoy Lockhart
Remus Lupin
Bartemius Crouch junior
Dolores Umbridge
Severus Snape
Amycus Carrow
Prisoners in Malfoy Manor
Dean Thomas
Garrick Ollivander
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Ron Weasley
Harry Potters escorted from Little Whinging
Fleur Delacour
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Mundungus Fletcher
Ron Weasley
Obstacles protecting the philosopher's stone
Devil's snare
Flying keys
Wizard chess game
Potions riddle
Mirror of Erised
Level 36
Oct 7, 2021
Nice quiz! But maybe you should change the title to Harry Potter - Groups of 7