Fallout 3 - Hard

How well do you know the Capital Wasteland? Answer each question--if you know it! Make sure to comment if you find any mistakes!
Quiz by Teali0
Last updated: November 5, 2013
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What is the name of the exam you take as a teenager?
What does it stand for (from the question above)?
Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test
What is the teacher's name who gives the exam?
Edwin Brotch
What is the name of the school near Vault 101?
Springvale Elementary
What is the name of the robot inside your Megaton house?
Who destroyed your cake on your 10th birthday?
What is Andy?
Mister Handy
What is the only weapon to use 5mm ammo?
Minigun (Unique=Eugene)
Where's the first location you meet up with your dad (after the escape)?
Vault 112
What are the people in the town of Andale?
What is the gold-plated gun that belonged to a former president?
Lincoln's Repeater
What is the name of the nice, non-violent Supermutant wandering the Wasteland?
Uncle Leo
Where do you find Gary?
Vault 108
What was the name of the android that Dr. Zimmer sent you to find for the Commonwealth?
Where do you find the Lucky Shades?
What is the name of the unique combat shotgun?
The Terrible Shotgun
What is the name of the robot that leads the assault on the Enclave?
Liberty Prime
Who does Betty want you to make cry?
Timmy Neusbaum
What is your father's last words before he dies?
What are adults referred to by the Little Lamplighters?
What are you trying to find in Vault 87?
Which follower is able to go retrieve it for you?
What does the Mayor of Little Lamplight call the path to Vault 87?
Murder Pass
What is the Mayor's name?
Robert Joseph MacCready
Who wants you to retrieve a violin for them?
What is the name of the violin?
Soil Stradivarius
What location do you get the quest "The Nuka-Cola Challenge?"
How many bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum are you supposed to bring back?
In the Operation Anchorage DLC, what is the name of the armor that allows you to be invisible?
Chinese Stealth Armor
Who is the leader of the Tunnel Snakes?
Butch DeLoria
What is the name of the quest that allows you to go back into Vault 101?
Trouble on the Homefront
What is the password for entering the vault for the same quest?
What is the name of the water that has been purified by the Purifier?
Aqua Pura
Who is the President of the Wasteland?
John Henry Eden
What is the name of the "superhero" in armor fighting in Canterbury Commons?
The Mechanist
What is the name of the "supervillain" fighting the person above?
The AntAgonizer
What enemy uses a Tri-Beam Laser Rifle?
Super Mutant Overlord
What perk replenishes your AP after killing an enemy in V.A.T.S.?
Grim Reaper's Sprint
What river is Rivet City located on?
Potomac River
Who composed the soundtrack for Fallout 3?
Inon Zur
Chem that increases PER+5 and INT+5
What is the name of the unique Ripper?
What is your mother's name?
What is the name of a possible follower that is a Ghoul?
What's the name of the perk that has a chance to explode your targets in a gorey fashion?
Bloody Mess
Where is the Experimental MIRV found?
National Guard Depot
What does Butch want you to save his mom from?
What is the simulation in Vault 112 called?
Tranquility Lane
What does Moira Brown want you to test on Mole Rats for her book?
What weapon is crafted out of a toy car?
Dart Gun
What is the only schematic that requires a vacuum cleaner?
Rock-It Launcher
Besides the Pip-Boy, what else do you get on your birthday?
BB Gun
What is the name of the half-man, half-tree in Oasis?
What year was the Lone Wanderer born?
What is the name of the radio broadcaster on GNR?
Three Dog
What is the name of the lunar lander that he wants you to retrieve a satellite dish from?
Virgo II
Which country did China annex?
What is the name of the book that increases your Energy Weapons by 1?
Nikola Tesla and You
What is the man's name who defends Arefu by himself?
Evan King
Who is the adopted father of Maggie?
Billy Creel
What is the name of the bar owner in Megaton?
Colin Moriarty
What perk increases skill books by 2 instead of 1?
Who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?
The Overseer
What is the name of the group that tries to kill you if you have Good Karma?
Talon Company Mercs
" " Bad Karma?
The Regulators
What is the alternate version (leopard print) of the Sexy Sleepwear?
Naughty Nightwear
Level 16
Dec 10, 2018
China did not annex Canada...The United States did. They invaded Alaska.
Level 59
Oct 27, 2020
Very good quiz! If i'm gonna catch you on one thing, could "Mr Handy" be accepted as a type in?
Level 40
Apr 22, 2024
Repellent repellent how about accepting mole rat repellent stick