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Twelve Letter Geography

Name these geographical things that are twelve letters long.
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Island of Scotland, Wales, England
Old name of Botswana
Capital city of Haiti
Capital of other half of Hispaniola
Christ the Redeemer Statue city
Such as the one under Yellowstone
Biggest city in Pennsylvania
Capital is Ashgabat
Canadian province that borders Montana and North Dakota
Formed by confluence of Parana and Uruguay Rivers
Someone who makes or draws maps
Capital of biggest African island
"The Granite State"
Most populous city in Utah
South American French colony
4th-biggest Swedish east coast archipelago, one of biggest in world
Chinese city above 15,000 feet
Well-known Californian celebrity town near Hollywood and Los Angeles
Famous waterfall on Canadian-American border
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level 70
Nov 13, 2014
I enjoy your geo-quizzes, so thanks for another one! Just one small quibble - a "residence" usually refers to a house rather than a whole suburb or neighbourhood, so I got thrown sideways on that question. BTW, did you mean to have two 'Rio de Janeiro' questions?
level 51
Nov 13, 2014
Gosh darn. It was pretty hard to find semi-well-known twelve letter things so accidentally did it again. Rats.
level 76
Nov 15, 2014
The Yellowstone question is pretty vague.
level 59
Dec 24, 2015
The question concerning a Swedish archipelago is utter nonsense.
level 63
Jan 5, 2016
level 67
Jun 24, 2016
Ostergotland (really Östergötland) is not the name of an archipelago. It's the name of a "landskap", i.e. county. The county indeed does have a coast with a lot of islands but there are several different names, e.g. St Annas Skärgård.
level 14
Nov 8, 2016
may want to fix
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