How Much Do You Know About St. Louis, Missouri?

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Quiz by ander217
Last updated: May 5, 2019
First submittedAugust 10, 2015
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For which Capetian King of France was the city named?
Louis IX
Which US president lived in St. Louis?
Ulysses S. Grant
Name the most recent NFL team
St. Louis Rams
Name the MLB team
St. Louis Cardinals
Name the NHL team
St. Louis Blues
What is the name of the international airport?
Lambert St. Louis International Airport
The "Greatest play ever set in St. Louis," written by Tennessee Williams
The Glass Menagerie
Name a major event held in St. Louis in 1904
The World's Fair (The Louisiana Exposition)
Name another major event held in St. Louis in 1904
The Summer Olympics
Which river forms the northern boundary of the St. Louis area?
Missouri River
Which river forms the eastern boundary of the St. Louis area?
Mississippi River
Which river forms the southern boundary of the St. Louis area?
Meramec River
Outside of Europe, St. Louis has the world's largest population of this Balkan group
Which Judy Garland movie was set in St. Louis?
Meet Me in St. Louis
Charles Lindbergh's famous plane
Spirit of St. Louis
Designed by Eero Saarinen, this St. Louis monument is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere
Gateway Arch
Female African-American poet born in St. Louis
Maya Angelou
Beer brewery that's an historical landmark
The Italian neighborhood of St. Louis
The Hill
Two MLB catchers grew up in the above neighborhood as friends, living across the street from one another. Name one.
Yogi Berra
Name the other catcher
Joe Garagiola
Which ragtime composer wrote "The Entertainer" while living in St. Louis?
Scott Joplin
What Ted Drewes custard blend is so thick that a spoon stuck into the middle remains in place when the cup is inverted?
Level 31
Nov 20, 2015
Do you know that thousands of quizzes happen on jetpunk everyday? This quiz is awful. It is awful because it is stupid and hard. This quiz is stupid. It is stupid because the answers are weird like St. Louis's sister city being Senegal. There is no way that anyone who takes this quiz will know that. This quiz is hard. This quiz is hard because you have very hard questions that no one would know like the sister city of St. Louis that has a city called St. Louis. That is a trash question. Also I have never heard of "The Glass Menagerie" and I do not know how that ten percent of the people get it because that question is dumb and weird like your quiz. In Conclusion, this quiz is stupid and hard and I don't like it. You should be ashamed of making this quiz so hard and stupid. I believe that you should take the hard ones out so that we can get more quizzes.
Level 78
Nov 25, 2015
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the quiz. I prefer challenging quizzes myself, even if I have to take them several times to get all the answers correct. I hope you at least learned a few new things about St. Louis.
Level 80
Nov 3, 2017
I think you're being trolled.
Level 48
Aug 27, 2016
I have visited St. Louis twice in my life. My experience provided me with 16 correct answers and a good challenge upon taking this quiz. It was fun. And I appreciated kicking myself for not remembering "concrete" after enjoying one years back :) Sorry a different quiz-taker was so rude about it.
Level 78
Aug 29, 2016
Your comment is much appreciated. I removed the question about which country has a sister city named St. Louis, since it seemed to cause so much anger for the previous quiz-taker.
Level 48
Aug 31, 2016
I am glad to learn you appreciated my input. I can see that the sister city question had been removed. I would not have known the answer, but I would have appreciated learning it (although I can see the answer in the dolt's comment). Stay strong. Don't cater to the lowest common denominator. You're a contribution to the site and on it for the right reasons. Do your best to ignore the petty and ignorant ones. Continue doing your best where if even it seems no one appreciates it, at least you yourself can be proud knowing you're doing the right thing :)
Level 49
Apr 4, 2017
I loved this quiz! I go through St. Louis four times a year. I have a nephew at SLU. My little brother lived there for a few years. I was stumped on the concrete question and rolled my eyes when I read the answer. I learned things I didn't know as well. Much appreciated. Also, I loved the herb quiz. Eclectic.
Level 78
Apr 4, 2017
Thank you so much for the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the quizzes. I like eclectic. :)
Level 74
Sep 12, 2017
I think River Des Peres is the southern border of the city
Level 78
Sep 12, 2017
You are correct. River Des Peres does form the boundary between St Louis City and St. Louis County, but as it is less than ten miles long and is more of a sewage and drainage channel than a river, I opted to use the larger rivers which border the county. The Missouri doesn't actually border the city, either, but forms the northern boundary for the county. That is why I worded the clues as "St. Louis area" rather than city.
Level 80
Nov 3, 2017
Would have gotten the king had you accepted "Louis 9"... but it would have just been a guess. I think I would have also gotten the plane if you had just asked "name of Charles Lindbergh's plane"... the way the hint was worded confused me. and I guessed every other nationality and ethnic group of the Balkans... I don't know how I forgot Bosnians. Ended up with 9. Apparently I don't know that much about St Louis.
Level 78
Nov 4, 2017
You're right, I over-complicated the Lindbergh clue. Thanks for the suggestion.
Level 49
May 1, 2019
Could you consider accepting some more spellings for Meramec? I live in STL but still couldn't figure out how to spell it. I tried Meremac, Meramac, Meremec, but couldn't get the right one. Great quiz, though!
Level 78
May 25, 2019
All of those should have worked. Two of the type-ins were anything beginning with Merem and Meram, but I added a couple more.
Level 73
Sep 13, 2020
To my own surprise, I got 11 (one of them was The Glass Menagerie) and could have reasonably guessed 3 more. This is a good quiz with relevant questions. Not too hard either, as many answers can be guessed with general and not St. Louis-specific knowledge.