U.K. Cities by Distance from a Bigger One

Yesterday, I toiled many hours manually collecting data for the quiz, Biggest British Cities within 50 Kilometres. There was probably an easier way to do with a formula or something, but I didn't know it and just did it manually instead.

I thought people might want to have a full list of the data that I collected yesterday, so here it is:

List of British Cities by Distance from a Bigger One

Just posting a link to a quiz and a Google Sheet I thought might not be enough to be worth a blog post, so I thought we might add some other stats for statistics and geography nerds such as myself.

A few notes before we jump in:

  • We always use the Greater London population, instead of the City of London
  • All distances are in kilometres
  • London has an infinite distance to a larger city because we don't count Irish cities, etc. when calculating distance to a bigger city
  • Chester uses urban area population, everything else is city proper
  • Distances are measured from the city centre
  • Official cities only

Cities Farthest From a Bigger One

CityDistanceBigger City

Biggest Cities Fewer than 50k From a Bigger One

Overall RankCityPopulationDistanceBigger City

Okay, these charts are taking way longer than expected to make, so I think I'll stop now.

Thanks for reading!

Level 69
May 8, 2020
Let us know if you have a request for the next place we spend far too many hours working on
Level 70
May 8, 2020
Just had a look at your data sheet and you have Bangor and Truro nearest to themselves ...
Level 69
May 8, 2020
This has been fixed
Level 50
May 20, 2020
Cool! The tables are well-formatted, so they must've taken a long time to make. You can use this tool to make tables. The tool allows you to add customized colors, formats, borders, cells, font color, fonts, and much more - and then they give you the HTML and CSS for it after creating it. You don't even need an account.