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2000s U.S. Pop Culture

Can you answers these questions about American pop culture and current events from the years 2000-2009?
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Last updated: January 2, 2020
First submittedJanuary 1, 2020
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What popular video game simulated playing a guitar?
Guitar Hero
Whose birth certificate became an obsession for conspiracy theorists?
Barack Obama
What were Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez known as collectively?
Who was automatically your first friend on MySpace?
Tom Anderson
What thin Motorola phone was the best-selling clamshell phone of all time?
Who wrote "The Da Vinci Code"?
Dan Brown
What type of shirt did Steve Jobs wear?
Mock Turtleneck
What was the name of the yellow anti-cancer bracelets?
What brand of SUV was based on a military vehicle?
What was the name of Al Gore's climate change documentary?
An Inconvenient Truth
Who became the most muscular governor in California history?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
What was the first social networking site to have 1 million members?
What technology defeated its rival HD-DVD?
What internet company bought Time Warner in 2001 - at the time the biggest
merger in U.S. history?
What part of ballot could be hanging, fat, pregnant?
What version of poker was played at the "World Series of Poker"?
Texas Hold'Em
What lifestyle expert was convicted of insider trading?
Martha Stewart
On what freewheeling website could you sell your couch, find an apartment,
or have a "casual encounter"?
What primitive mapping website was popular before the introduction of Google Maps?
Who was confused about the difference between chicken and tuna?
Jessica Simpson
Level 78
Jan 1, 2020
Reword to who was the first person to get unfriended when you got a Myspace account?
Level 81
Jan 1, 2020
accept polo neck for the jobs one?
Level 74
Jan 2, 2020
why do 60 percent know jessica simpson didnt know the difference between chicken and tuna?
Level 74
Jan 2, 2020
i see that happened in 2003...internet was still sort of in its infancy and social media wasnt much of a thing...so how did something so dumb go viral?
Level 83
Jan 2, 2020
Infancy? Internet was in it's teens at the very least. The early 90s was the Internet's infancy.
Level 74
Jan 2, 2020
yeah it was around for a while, but still in its infancy...compared to what it is today it was not much of anything...plus not everyone had it back then still...wifi wasn't available in most places..one couldnt go out and use the internet at will...wasn't at the disposal for people to just talk about dumb crap like it is today...so my question again is...how did some dumb crap about an actress and chicken and tuna become a widespread notion back then?
Level 79
Jan 6, 2020
The media has been following the minutiae of celebrity foibles for decades. Also, the internet wasn't as primitive as you seem to think back in 2003; there were plenty of people talking about dumb crap and spreading viral memes in the early 2000s.
Level 78
Feb 21, 2020
It is something she famously said on a reality TV show about her life with new husband Nick Lachey (sp?). The clip got played repeatedly on news and gossip shows and she was mocked repeatedly on late night TV and elsewhere.
Level 37
Mar 24, 2020
Because it was the most ridiculous ad on tv at the time, which makes it impossible to forget.
Level 75
Jan 2, 2020
Inconvenient truth (without An) should be accepted.
Level ∞
Jan 2, 2020
Fixed, sorry about that.
Level 63
Feb 21, 2020
Lots of amusing memories on here. Every guy I knew fancied himself a genius Texas Hold 'Em player and I remember hating those Livestrong bracelets from the moment I learned about them. They were the forerunner of social media virtue signaling.
Level 54
Feb 21, 2020
Remember the "I love boobies" bracelets. God that was annoying.
Level 54
Feb 21, 2020
The 'ballot' question doesn't make sense.
Level 60
Feb 21, 2020
Unless your country uses punch-cards when voting (and has had many scandals about them) then it probably won't. I mean, voting issues happen so frequently in Florida that the CHAD one didn't stand out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chad_(paper)
Level 77
Feb 21, 2020
No love for Rock Band? It was clearly the better game!
Level 43
Feb 21, 2020
No... it wasn't. Guitar Hero encore is, was, and will be the best fake music game ever.
Level 48
Feb 21, 2020
Martha Stewart wasn't convicted of the securities fraud charges, she was convicted of the lying to federal investigators and obstruction charges. You could change "convicted" to "indicted", though, this would make the clue factually accurate without having to rework it too much. Good quiz, I only missed the friendster one.
Level 54
Feb 25, 2020
mock neck should be accepted for mock turtleneck, as that is the name on many clothing websites (LL Bean, Men's Wearhouse, etc.)