Analogies #8

Fill in the blanks to complete these analogies.
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Last updated: July 22, 2016
First submittedSeptember 16, 2014
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This is to this ...
As ...
Baa is to Sheep
Hoot is to Owl
Flush is to Straight
Full House is to Flush
3 is to French Hens
2 is to Turtle Doves
Hepatitis is to Liver
Gingivitis is to Gums
Paris is to Seine
London is to Thames
Richard is to Lionheart
Vlad is to Impaler
Cashmere is to Goat
Angora is to Rabbit
Cranberry is to Bog
Rice is to Paddy
Over is to Under
Hyper is to Hypo
Monday is to Fair of Face
Tuesday is to
Full of Grace
This is to this ...
As ...
Monk is to Monastery
Troglodyte is to Cave
Spielberg is to Jaws
Cameron is to Titanic
Quartet is to 4
Trio is to 3
Tylenol is to Acetaminophen
Advil is to Ibuprofen
Guinness is to Dublin
Heineken is to Amsterdam
Superman is to DC Comics
Spiderman is to Marvel
Giant Panda is to Bamboo
Koala is to Eucalyptus
Swan is to Björk
Meat is to Lady Gaga
Ginger is to Halliwell
Posh is to Beckham
Hard Knock Life is to
Defying Gravity is to
Level 32
Jan 12, 2015
Kind of ashamed that I remembered that dress from Lady Gaga...
Level 68
Feb 27, 2018
That one stumped me totally. Even when I saw the answer lol.
Level 82
Jul 22, 2016
Tuesday is easy because it rhymes.
Level 67
Aug 23, 2019
Not if you don't have any idea what it is about. It still does not make sense to me.. (lots of things rhyme mace, pace, lace and so on..)
Level 56
May 15, 2017
I had heard of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" before but I have never come across "Monday's Child". Those questions seem almost impossible for a non-native speaker. I guess I can say that I learned something new today. Thanks ;)
Level 65
Jun 15, 2017
Canadian law requires me to point out that James Cameron is Canadian.
Level 47
Jun 15, 2017
For some inexplicable reason I could not think of trio.
Level 59
Jun 15, 2017
Great quiz. not too easy. well done.
Level 70
Feb 20, 2018
I learnt something about wool today.
Level 59
Feb 12, 2019
You know Supernatural has taken over your life when your first thoughts upon seeing the one about Tuesday were 1) Heat of the Moment/Rise and shine Sammy and 2) Pig in a Poke.
Level 81
Mar 26, 2019
Defying gravity is all to The Roadrunner.
Level 71
Mar 31, 2019
Beep beep!
Level 70
Jul 28, 2019
Your advil clue doesn't translate well. Might I suggest that it is very "US-centric"? And before you say it, yes I know that this trade name is used in a dozen or so other countries as well as the US but that hardly makes it universal, does it? In my opinion, best to keep trade names out of jetpunk quizzes altogether lest one is accused of advertising.
Level 67
Aug 23, 2019
We have advil but never heard of tylenol. But seeing the name that preceded it, i guessed they were looking for the name of the substance
Level 67
Aug 23, 2019
That is a pretty local rhyme. Not known in non english speaking countries. Same for the christmas song, I know of it, but that is it (because it comes around in quizzes here quite reguarly :/) but you are mistaken if you think it is internationally known. Unlike several other christmas songs. (Jingle bells, rudolph the rednosed raindeer, dreaming of a white christmas and several others).

I don't think the rhymes of 1 specific country has a place in an international quiz. No way of knowing for the rest of the world. (Maybe you were under the impression they wére globally known? Because i haven't for instance seen you post Polish rhymes)

Level 72
Dec 28, 2019
I can understand people complaining of a US bias on ocassion, but even though it's a bit archaic now, I've come across that particular rhyme in every english-speaking country in the world, and since this is an english-language quiz, it seems strange to complain of a bias in this case. When I take a spanish-language quiz, I expect to encounter some things that are specific to Spanish or Latin American culture. Likewise, when I take a german-language quiz, I expect to encounter questions relating to the culture and cultural history of german-speaking countries.
Level 57
Oct 23, 2019
I went to college with a girl named Aceta Minophen. I don't remember much about her other than when she was around I felt slightly less pain.