Ancient Roman Trivia #2

Based on the hints, name these facts about Ancient Rome.
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Last updated: September 5, 2018
First submittedMarch 1, 2014
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The first 5 Roman emperors
"Great" Byzantine emperor who
reconquered Italy
Capitoline and Palatine are among
the seven _____ of Rome
Formal robe of a Roman man
Type of animal that
raised Romulus and Remus
Central marketplace of ancient Rome
Barbarian culture that sacked and
"vandalized" Rome in 455
Opposite of a plebeian
The first Bishop of Rome, according
to Catholic tradition
St. Peter
City called Lutetia by the Romans
Term for a division of Roman soldiers
Type of animal associated with the above
Tribe from whom the early Romans
stole their brides
River that Caesar crossed to conquer Italy
What Caesar said on that occasion
The Die is Cast
Egyptian pharaoh /
lover of Caesar and Antony
Activity that took place at Circus Maximus
Chariot Racing
Chaste priestesses who maintained
an eternal flame
Vestal Virgins
Method of execution used on Jesus and
followers of Spartacus
Level 28
Mar 9, 2014
please also accept 'alea' for the thing that was cast ;) I didn't recall the English word, but the Latin... (alea iacta est)
Level 81
Mar 16, 2014
But maybe you could accept "dice" ? I had to search for the singular you wanted :p.
Level 49
Mar 28, 2014
It's pretty clear from the context that it's singular. Otherwise it would be 'the dice were cast'.
Level 81
Mar 30, 2014
There are always two dice... and dice is a possible singular as well ^^ (
Level 75
Jan 24, 2015
"Die" is the classic translation.
Level 58
Mar 15, 2019
It's singular in latin: est, not sunt, and alea is first declension.
Level 69
Mar 28, 2014
Please accept Sabini as well.
Level 74
Mar 28, 2014
Justinian destroyed Italy in the process of reconquering it. Boo on you, Justinian.
Level 29
Mar 28, 2014
For the 'die' is cast, 'dye' should be accepted as it is the proper translation and the only appropriate spelling within the context of the metaphor.
Level 71
Mar 29, 2014
No, you're wrong. The "alea" that was "jacta" was not a pellet of Easter Egg dye, it was a cube on which pips were painted that was used by soldiers and others to gamble. The plural of alea is translated as dice, not dyes. The singular of dice is die, not dye.
Level 39
Mar 28, 2014
Please accept Shewolf for wolf, for that is what actually raised Romulus and Remus. Also, could you accept more spellings of legion, such as legeon?
Level 55
Mar 28, 2014
Could you accept Vandal for the of Vandals question?
Level 35
Aug 30, 2014
Yes, you ask 'what civilization (sic)', so I put 'vandal','germanic'and all sorts of adjectives. I wasn't expecting a plural noun.
Level ∞
Jul 5, 2018
Vandal will work now.
Level 52
Mar 29, 2014
Got 100% nice quiz!
Level 53
Mar 30, 2014
great quizz
Level 34
Apr 3, 2014
The opposite of plebeian is actually slave. A plebeian is a free man.
Level 58
Mar 29, 2015
This is definitely something to look into. Roman social strata would have been roughly slaves -> plebeians -> patricians -> emperor
Level 28
Sep 4, 2020
That is just not accurate messieur; the social hierarchy was based on the Centuriate Assembly. The social hierarchy looked more like this:

1.Patrician(Patricians were basically equal to the Equites. In fact, many Equestrians were richer and more powerful than Patricians(like Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus or Gaius Marius)


3.1st Class

4.2nd Class

5.3rd Class

6.4th Class

7.5th Class


Level 81
Dec 23, 2015
During the first centuries of Rome, there were just two strata : plebeians and patricians ^^.
Level 27
Jan 22, 2015
27% got Justinian? Really i can understand Paris and Sabines but Justinian?

I got 100% great quiz!

Level 78
Jun 13, 2019
I got Paris and Sabines but couldn't think of Justinian. Not all great minds think alike. :)
Level 67
Sep 5, 2018
I guess reading all those mysteries by Steven Saylor paid off twice, once for being great reads and once for getting me points on this quiz!
Level 71
Nov 22, 2018
I thought you made a typo typing out Steven Tyler for a second, until I realised that Steven Tyler probably hasn't written any mysteries.
Level 64
Jun 13, 2019
That's where I got most of my answers from too.
Level 82
Oct 29, 2018
I like to point out when I get an answer only because of having learned it from other JetPunk quizzes, so I will note that "Lutetia" was like that for me this time.
Level 81
Jun 13, 2019
Got everything except Tiberius. Still only worth 4 points. Tough crowd.
Level 46
Jun 13, 2019
I am Spartacus
Level 47
Jun 13, 2019
There are various divisions of a roman army; legion, century, cohort, contubernium. Not just legion.
Level 78
Jun 13, 2019
All those years of watching musicals finally paid off - I got Sabines from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - those "sobbin" women.
Level 72
Sep 7, 2020
Please accept Tiberias.