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Played: 354,820
Rating: 4.95
Guess the Greek and Roman names of the Olympian gods.
Played: 280,491
Rating: 4.82
Beat the clock to decode these randomly-generated Roman Numerals.
Played: 125,910
Rating: 4.75
Name these famous figures from Greek Mythology.
Played: 73,867
Rating: 4.99
Can you name the modern-day countries whose territory was part of the Roman Empire in 117 AD?
Played: 72,654
Rating: 4.68
Guessing planets isn't going to help for this one.
Played: 67,002
Rating: 4.27
For example, the stuff that goes inside thermometers.
Played: 62,447
Rating: 4.73
Difficulty level: hard. Can you name these famous people from ancient Rome?
Played: 59,040
Rating: 4.88
How many Roman emperors can you name?
Played: 53,956
Rating: 4.82
Can you name the modern-day countries with the most territory that was part of the Roman Empire?
Played: 53,269
Rating: 4.81
I heard they had a lot of toga parties back then.
Played: 52,378
Rating: 4.75
Can you name the largest modern-day cities that are located within the former territory of the Roman Empire?
Played: 47,395
Rating: 4.39
Based on the definitions, guess these words from Roman History.
Played: 42,324
Rating: 4.86
Can you name the modern-day countries who were part of the Byzantine Empire at its peak in 555 A.D.?
Played: 36,041
Rating: 4.35
Guess these figures from Greek and Roman mythology. The last letter of each answer is the same as the first letter of the next answer.
Played: 33,040
Rating: 4.56
Can you guess these answers related to the geography of the ancient Roman Empire?
Played: 31,045
Rating: 4.17
How high can you count in Roman numerals in just 30 seconds?
Played: 24,037
Rating: 4.44
A quiz for history dorks.
Played: 22,165
Rating: 4.47
Guess these facts about the life of the Roman leader Julius Caesar.
Played: 20,253
Rating: 4.37
Can you guess the modern-day countries, cities, islands, and regions which had these Roman names?
Played: 20,111
Rating: 4.65
Can you name these facts about the history of the Byzantine Empire? Probably not, haha.
Played: 18,273
Rating: 4.36
Can you identify these people, places, and things from Roman history?
Played: 16,252
Rating: 4.90
Can you list all the numbers that are two characters long when written as a Roman numeral?
Played: 13,299
Rating: 4.49
Try to guess whether these statements about Ancient Rome are true or false.
Played: 8,625
Rating: 4.92
Played: 8,517
Rating: 4.41
Played: 6,075
Rating: 4.66
Can you name the seven hills on which Rome was built?
Played: 4,757
Rating: 4.87
Played: 4,627
Rating: 4.56
Played: 3,475
Rating: 4.50
Played: 3,036
Rating: 4.71
Played: 2,425
Rating: 4.60
Played: 2,280
Rating: 4.00
Played: 2,255
Rating: 4.00
Played: 2,015
Rating: 4.80
Played: 1,963
Rating: 4.17
Played: 1,550
Rating: 4.45
Played: 1,480
Rating: 4.79
Played: 1,255
Rating: 4.63
Played: 1,086
Played: 1,033
Rating: 4.70
Played: 1,013
Rating: 4.50
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