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Things that are Bad Quiz

All the answers contain the word "Bad".
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First submittedJuly 12, 2011
Last updatedJuly 24, 2014
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Shot through the heart, and you're
to blame. Darling, you give love a ...
Bad Name
Greatest TV show of all time?
Breaking Bad
Enemy of Little Red Riding Hood
Big Bad Wolf
Geographical feature of the Dakotas
Rare but possible outcome of taking LSD
Bad Trip
He's badder than old King Kong, and
meaner than a junkyard dog
Bad, Bad
Leroy Brown
One can spoil the whole bunch
Bad Apple
2007 Jonah Hill movie
Lady Gaga song
Bad Romance
Capital of Pakistan
Bad Breath
2003 Billy Bob Thornton movie
Bad Santa
Smoking or biting one's nails, e.g.
Bad Habit
Chewing with your mouth open, e.g.
Bad Manners
Racquet sport
Movie about misfit baseball kids
The Bad News
Whatcha gonna do when
they come for you?
Bad Boys
A serious feud or grudge
Bad Blood
A low FICO score
Bad Credit
Mirror breaker's curse
Bad Luck
level 50
Aug 4, 2014
Lady Gaga also has a song called "Bad Kids". While definitely not as popular as "Bad Romance", it should still be an acceptable answer.
level 22
Aug 4, 2014
I had no idea that halitosis was bad breath.
level 77
Aug 4, 2014
Got everything except the Dakota question.
level 72
Aug 5, 2014
a person that claims to be that well versed in geography, and coming from usa, how does one get that wrong? and one that says they don't know crap about pop culture, get the lady gaga clue correct?
level 75
Apr 13, 2017
@kalbahamut Wow, retro. I normally don't mind your comments but that's downright pathetic.
level 77
Apr 14, 2018
I never claimed to know every arcane bit of knowledge there was to know about US geography. I'm also quite sure I never said I was "well versed" in geography. I'm sorry if I let you down. Maybe you'll be happy to know I got it right this time.
I'm also sure I've never said I don't know crap about pop culture. I've criticized some aspects of pop culture. I've bemoaned the low quality of contemporary popular music. I might have missed some questions before due to a lack of interest. I never said I was completely ignorant of it and even if I were it's kind of hard to miss Lady Gaga. As to how I knew that one particular question: my Pakistani housemate in Riyadh was obsessed with that song. My weakest subjects on this site are traditionally alcoholic beverages and sports, but I still know who Ronaldo and Michael Jordan are.
level 80
Aug 4, 2014
You don't need a question mark at the end of the clue about the greatest TV show of all time. You should put an exclamation point and make it a declarative statement.
level 45
Jul 18, 2018
I kept wondering how "The Wire" connects with the word "Bad" on this clue.
level 71
Apr 23, 2019
Game of Thrones > Breaking Bad. Far better casting, better plot(s), better character development, better writing.
level 63
Aug 4, 2014
I always thought the lyric was "Badder than a honking car". Of course, I'm still going to sing it that way.
level 72
Aug 9, 2014
level 68
Oct 20, 2014
Breaking Bad is not even close to the greatest TV show of all time. Was that a tagline or something? If not then that's a terrible clue.
level 55
Apr 12, 2015
I just kept trying "bad omen" for the mirror breaker's curse. Guess that doesn't exactly make sense, though.
level 76
Jun 23, 2015
Isn't it seven years' bad luck? Just asking.
level 59
Aug 26, 2015
Yeah, but you can plea to a lesser cracked charge and only do 3 years.
level 60
Jan 19, 2016
What's everyone's deal with Breaking Bad? Have you really seen it? Not just watched it but really seen it? You could add "arguably" to the clue. After all it is a question of taste. Plus one could argue that on IMDb it shares the highest score with 2 other TV Shows in the top 250 - voted by users.
level 73
Nov 2, 2016
I've only seen season 1 of Breaking Bad but I know it's widely regarded as the best show on TV. It's got the Guinness World Record for the most acclaimed show of all time, it always scores highly in Best TV Shows lists, it was always winning Emmys, Golden Globes etc. It's omnipresence was kinda annoying tbh
level 43
Jun 23, 2019
Best TV show of all time is I Love Lucy-end of story!!!!!
level 68
Sep 12, 2017
Listing some of those accolades would be a better clue. Or better yet, something that describes the show itself, like "TV show about a teacher who sells meth." A completely subjective question like "greatest TV show of all time" is not something that has one right answer, and therefore doesn't belong on a quiz like this.
level 77
Dec 6, 2017
It's a fitting clue and easy to guess.
level 58
Mar 7, 2018
‘?’ denotes the subjective/arguable nature. I’ve never seen a second of it, but I got it right.
level 39
Jun 24, 2016
If the Breaking Bad question had had something in the clue to do with meth or something, maybe I would've gotten it. As it is, it's really vague.
level 68
Sep 12, 2017
And also completely subjective, and therefore a bad clue.
level 77
Dec 6, 2017
It's not. And I'm not even saying this because I think it's the greatest show of all time. But it's commonly called that and the highest score at IMDb thing is well known and often cited. The fact that it shows up on a "bad things" quiz makes the answer so obvious that the clue is almost unnecessary anyway.
level 75
Apr 13, 2017
The Badlands are in Alberta as well, not just the Dakotas.
level 41
Mar 20, 2018
Racquets Mispelled Is Sopposed to be rackets! :)
level 37
Aug 10, 2018
I took one look at Bon Jovi and wrote 'Medicine.'
level 61
Jun 7, 2019
What is FICO? Is that something american? Or am totally oblvious of something that is common everywhere?
level 28
Jun 25, 2019
What comes in a bunch? Why, bad grapes of course...