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British Noble Ranks

Guess the male and female noble ranks used in the United Kingdom.
Not including knights or other orders of chivalry
Last updated: February 09, 2016
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Other hereditary
level 71
Feb 27, 2016
King and Queen are not noble ranks! They are royalty. From Wikipedia, under "British Nobility": The Sovereign is considered the fount of honour, and as "the fountain and source of all dignities, they cannot hold a dignity [a noble rank] from him/herself".
level 59
Apr 9, 2016
That is entirely correct, and I thought the difference between royalty and nobility was common knowledge. Also in royalty is Prince/Princess.
level 57
May 9, 2016
A prince can't be royalty since they are not the source of nobility. Prince is equivalent in rank to Duke. Princes just have a claim to the throne.
level 67
May 9, 2016
Pretty sure they call female Earls Earlinas.
level 59
May 9, 2016
I tried that several times too, before trying "countess" as a general guess and having it fill in for me.
level 55
Sep 30, 2017
never .it is countess.
level 39
Jul 8, 2018
level 33
Nov 16, 2018
level 26
May 26, 2016
Just added ess to all the male ones and got them all except countess
level 64
Sep 17, 2016
I'm American and I beat 90.2% of test takers with an 11. You British people need to try harder.
level 49
May 29, 2017
Us UK people think it's all a load of rubbish, and feel embarrassed by it all.
level 73
Feb 28, 2018
Pretty much
level 63
Nov 16, 2018
Speak for yourself!
level 55
Nov 16, 2018
I think it's a load of rubbish, but I don't really feel embarrassed by it. Why should I assume responsibility for those who Lord it over me (literally in the House of Lords in many cases)? I would just get rid of it all, with the exception of the monarchy.
level 77
Dec 21, 2017
All I know I learned from Downton Abbey
level 64
Mar 31, 2018
This! Plus Jane Austen's books.
level 39
Jul 8, 2018
...jane austin hardly ever mentions nobility other than lords and ladies and the odd earl here and there...with a duke thrown in for good measure...
level 46
Dec 16, 2018
no count? hmm. Would never have guessed marchioness (and never heard it been used before) And had never heard of the baronet ones. Didnt know that excisted. Was gonna say isnt that a rifle with a knife on it. And looked up if the word would be similar in english. But indeed only got the title thingy, then I realised ow no that is bajonet (bayonet in english)