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Busiest U.S. Airports Quiz

Can you name the cities that are served by the 35 busiest airports in the United States?
For 2018. Source.
Not including overseas territories.
City served is based on the name of the airport. You might have to guess multiple cities in the same metro area!
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: November 4, 2019
First submittedOctober 24, 2011
Times taken54,751
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107 m
87.5 m
Los Angeles
83.2 m
Chicago (O'Hare)
69.1 m
Dallas (DFW)
64.5 m
61.9 m
New York (Kennedy)
57.8 m
San Francisco
49.9 m
49.7 m
Las Vegas
47.7 m
46.4 m
46.1 m
45.0 m
44.9 m
43.8 m
Houston (George Bush)
40.9 m
38.0 m
36.0 m`
Fort Lauderdale
35.2 m
31.7 m
30.1 m
New York (LaGuardia)
27.1 m
25.6 m
Salt Lake City
24.2 m
San Diego
24.1 m
Washington (Dulles)
23.5 m
Washington (Reagan)
22.0 m
Chicago (Midway)
21.3 m
21.0 m
19.9 m
16.3 m
Dallas (Love Field)
16.0 m
15.9 m
15.6 m
St. Louis
14.3 m
San Jose
level 78
Jan 12, 2014
Missed a few in the last column including Sacramento where I used to live (near). Kind of a sleepy little town but I guess the suburbs are fairly populous and the nearest major international airport would be SFO about 1-2 hours away.
level 65
Jun 23, 2016
Actually, about a fifth of these are state capitals. Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Austin, Phoenix, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Raleigh, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Nashville, Sacramento and arguably St. Paul (twin city of Minneapolis) are state capitals.
level 78
Jun 24, 2016
That still leaves 38 state capitals off the quiz.
level 67
May 1, 2017
Of which many don't have another airport in their state in the list either..
level 69
Jun 23, 2016
Since I didn't pay attention to the answers being filled in as I was entering them, I assumed Newark would have been considered as serving the New York metro area.
level 78
Jun 23, 2016
I would have assumed the same about Oakland but I typed it in because in the directions it says you may have to enter multiple cities in the same metro area.
level 71
Jun 23, 2016
Except that SFO & OAK are two entirely different airports, both serving two entirely different cities.
level 78
Jun 24, 2016
Oh. So nobody in the San Francisco bay area ever uses OAK or vice versa? What are you talking about?? You think Newark, which is in a different state even, is less distinct from New York City metro area than Oakland is from San Francisco metro? Newark is twice as far from NYC as Oakland is from Frisco, and you have to go through Jersey City to get there.
level 10
Jun 23, 2016
Dudes I thought LAX would be top since I live in la county but its second? Atlanta, Georgia's not that big tho
level 65
Jun 25, 2016
Used to be O'Hare, here in Chicago
level 54
Jun 28, 2016
ATL is Delta's home airport. There used to be a saying that you couldn't go to hell without a layover in ATL.
level 63
Jun 28, 2016
I believe it's also a big Cargo Airport. Not sure if that is considered but other than it's the #1 airport worldwide when it comes to non-stop destinations: Offering more than 250.
level 49
Sep 12, 2017
Los Angeles greater area also has 4 airports with commercial service (2 make the list!). Atlanta has only one for an entire region.
level 43
Sep 9, 2019
Atlanta is in the top 10 metro areas in the country. Where did you get the idea that it's "not that big" when it has the busiest airport in the WORLD?
level 45
Nov 12, 2019
Flew in from Japan, tried to go to Miami to meet family for Thanksgiving. Had a 4 hour layover and still missed our flight because of customs and having to take trains across the airport.
level 57
Jul 30, 2016
Ontario, or Memphis didn't make it
level 78
Nov 5, 2019
I guessed Memphis as well. If you look at the source, the airports are ranked by passenger traffic. Since Memphis leans more heavily on air freight, they don't make the list. If the list were measuring all flights instead, it would probably be in the top 10.
level 51
Sep 12, 2017
I'm somewhat surprised to see our airport (SLC) so high up the list.
level 80
Dec 23, 2017
SLC is the 4th-largest Delta hub, according to Wiki. Lots of connections through there for planes going from the east to the west (or vice versa). I remember changing places there flying from MSP to Honolulu on Delta (of course, we had to go through Atlanta first).
level 70
Jun 21, 2019
I'm one of the 1% who forgot New York.......lol
level 77
Nov 4, 2019
Baltimore's airport has Washington it its name.
level 72
Nov 5, 2019
So how did you make the decision to require a metro-area airport be answered under its own city – is it just by the name of the airport containing the city it serves? If so, I can see cpgatbyu’s point about BWI. (I assume you weren’t doing it by location, since a lot of airports aren’t even technically in the city they serve… although that could be a totally different – and very hard! – quiz!)
level 78
Nov 10, 2019
Only missed the last answer this time. Got San Francisco and tried Oakland again but didn't get San Jose.
level 67
Nov 10, 2019
Why are the proper names not accepted? or even the short names? I tried Ronald Reagan, Reagan but neither worked. I tried JFK...you would think the proper names would be acceptable answers. If all you were looking for was the metro /cities, there would have been no need to separate the NY answers or the DC answers. They should have been combined even if the title says busiest airports...the directions and title do NOT match
level 66
Nov 10, 2019
It says at the top, "Can you name the cities that are served by the 35 busiest airports in the United States?"
level 77
Nov 11, 2019
I've been to a third of the airports I missed. Not sure how I forgot San Jose or Salt Lake - I got sick during landing at both of them. I don't do well flying over mountains and then suddenly swooping down. I also got sick when banking left an hour after leaving JFK, and I get seasick, too, and can't take the preventative meds. There's a reason we prefer to drive everywhere. If someone wants to make a quiz on the best gas station bathrooms or roadside picnic areas in the US, I'll ace it. :)
level 53
Dec 25, 2019
Fort Lauderdale????
level 64
Jan 25, 2020
It’s gorgeous
level 35
Jan 1, 2020
I would recommend accepting IATA codes for responses.
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