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Famous Villains Quiz #3

Name these famous villains - real and fictional.
Quiz idea: olebiatch
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedOctober 24, 2012
Last updatedSeptember 14, 2017
Times taken36,418
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Superman's plutocratic enemy
Lex Luthor
Austin Powers' archnemesis
Dr. Evil
Norse "trickster" god
Koopa leader who captured
Princess Peach
This doughy dictator threatens
to nuke other countries
Kim Jong-un
He wants to snack
on Little Red Riding Hood
The Big Bad Wolf
He bit Evander Holyfield's ear
Mike Tyson
Ruler of Mordor
Mean nurse in "One Flew Over
the Cuckoo's Nest"
Nurse Ratched
This wicked animal tempted Eve
with forbidden fruit
The Serpent
English King who was forced to
sign the "Magna Carta"
King John
He's obsessed with killing Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Fluffy giant who tries to destroy
New York in "Ghostbusters"
Stay Puft
Marshmallow Man
Spider-Man villain whose real name
is Norman Osborn
The Green Goblin
Queen who lived in opulence
while the French people starved
Marie Antoinette
Nuclear plant owner from
"The Simpsons"
Montgomery Burns
Looney Tunes alien who tries
to destroy Earth
Marvin the Martian
Milwaukee serial killer and cannibal
Jeffrey Dahmer
Little devil-boy from "The Omen"
Plotting mailman and Seinfeld's neighbor
"Psycho" motel owner
Norman Bates
Bully from "Back to the Future"
Biff Tannen
level 53
Oct 23, 2012
MIssed six but only knew one of the ones I missed- just couldn't spell it. Kept wanting to finish the Oklahoma name with a 'y', good quiz.
level 49
Mar 5, 2014
You should just accept "wolf". I had no clue the official name was "big bad wolf".
level 50
May 27, 2014
Actually, no, Marie Antoinette can't really be defined as a villain. For all we know, she wanted to help but didn't know how. As for 'Let them eat cake', how do we know she ever really said that? It could just be a myth, like 'Daddy longlegs are the most poisonous spiders in the world but their fangs are too tiny to bite humans!', etc. etc. ANYONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE REIGN OF MARIE ANTOINETTE AND KNOWN HER TRUE FEELINGS ABOUT THE PEOPLE PLEASE STEP FORWARD!
level 54
Jun 14, 2015
She was as much of a villain as any other one percenter was. Read into that what you will.
level 47
Nov 1, 2017
Easy tiger
level 55
Jun 4, 2014
I know more about mass murderers than I do about comic books. Maybe if they made murder comic books.
level 48
Oct 12, 2014
He who shall not be named should be an acceptable answer for he who wants to kill Harry Potter
level 67
Dec 4, 2017
And "You-Know-Who."
level 76
Jul 31, 2018
And Voldy.
level 23
Jun 10, 2015
Kept trying Ed Gein for the serial killer and cannibal until I remembered he wasn't from Milwaukee.
level 73
Jun 13, 2015
he was from some podunk town in the same state as dahmer
level 76
Jul 21, 2016
Jeffrey Daumer, Dawmer, Dammer, I gave up.
level ∞
Sep 14, 2017
Added a few more spellings of that one
level 62
Mar 6, 2019
I tried Darmer. It was the only one I missed.
level 59
Apr 13, 2017
Only 31% got Newman :( Seinfeld is the greatest
level 49
Jul 12, 2017
Isn't the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs?
level 75
Sep 14, 2017
He gets around
level 63
Jul 24, 2018
He's out there hustling as well as huffing and puffing.
level 70
Sep 25, 2017
Couldn't figure out how to spell Antwan..., Antone..., Antwaan..., Antwon..., Antoinette due to watching too many NFL games. Clearly the French were uneducated and didn't know how to spell "Antoine" correctly.
level 34
Feb 22, 2018
Not really. The French just have a different way of spelling phonics.
level 67
Aug 20, 2018
It also just accepts "Marie."
level 71
Oct 15, 2017
Didn't get "This doughy dictator threatens to nuke other countries." Tried every possible spelling (Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, Drumpf, etc) to no avail, please fix
level 77
Feb 15, 2018
Though the rest of the clue fits, Trump only wishes he was a dictator at this point. He's working hard to undermine the free press, the independence of the justice system, and the very nature of reality. He's on his way; time will tell if he or American democracy wins.
level 59
Feb 15, 2018
Donald Trump should be accepted for fat guy who threatens to nuke other countries.
level 67
Jul 31, 2018
From Marvin the Martian to Jeffrey Dahmer. This quiz really covers it all
level 43
Jul 31, 2018
Damn.. spelt Bowser as Bowzer..
level 57
Jul 31, 2018
I think it's disgusting that you have included a leader of another country in this list. Who are you to judge if another country's leader is evil or not. Please don't include propaganda in your quizzes.
level 62
Aug 1, 2018
Hear Hear.
level 77
Aug 1, 2018
Yeah! Who's to say if Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, or Genghis Khan were bad people? Have you considered the upsides of genocide before? (seriously, please stab yourself in the face)
level 62
Jun 19, 2019
Yes, they are clearly on the same level as King John and Marie Antoinette. >__> Why not follow your own advice and rid us of your omnipresent toxicity?
level 77
Aug 16, 2019
just because Chinese toys are delicious it doesn't mean that you have to have them in your mouth all the time.
level 53
Jul 31, 2018
Could Zuul be allowed for the big doughy ghostbusters villain? he's just taking the form of the stay puft mascot. Unless causing obesity is the evil deed...
level 64
Aug 2, 2018
No, but Gozer should be accepted. Zuul was the Gatekeeper.
level 44
Jul 31, 2018
Accept ”Charles Montgomery Burns” for ”Montgomery Burns”
level 46
Nov 26, 2018
Could you accept Donald Trump instead of Kim Jong Un?