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Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: September 21, 2020
First submittedAugust 22, 2017
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What folk hero shot an apple off his son's head?
William Tell
What country celebrates that folk hero?
What is the official language of Israel?
What other language, while not official, has "special status" within Israel?
What fictional character dramatically said "one million dollars", and then
raised his pinky to his lip?
Dr. Evil
What is stored in a hangar?
What does a hedonist value above all else?
Who fled from Lhasa to India in 1959?
The Dalai Lama
What is the name of the "~" symbol?
What city did Hector live in?
What clothing company features underweight models known as "angels"?
Victoria's Secret
What is 22 to the power of 22?
If a person sticks a pan into a river, what are they likely to be searching for?
In the UK, a bachelor party is often called a "stag party". What is a bachelorette party called?
Hen Party
On what island would you find the neighborhood of "Hell's Kitchen"?
What soft drink was imitated by "Mello Yello"?
Mountain Dew
Some people say that only a "thin blue line" separates order from chaos.
Who are the thin blue line?
The Police
What fictional character is the most famous consumer of Duff Beer?
Homer Simpson
What are San Quentin, Robben Island, and the Bastille?
What is the largest animal that hibernates?
Brown Bear
Level 86
Aug 22, 2017
Apparently, polar bears do not actually hibernate. Only pregnant females take some kind of power nap during the winter. So you may want to change that answer.
Level ∞
Aug 23, 2017
Done thanks. Brown Bears and Polar Bears are pretty close in size anyway, and we already accepted both answers.
Level 48
Oct 14, 2017
polar bears absolutely hibernate, saw it in documentary
Level 80
Oct 14, 2017
If polar bears hibernated, they would starve to death. They lose weight all summer waiting for winter to return so that they can hunt. Shorter winters are making for scrawnier polar bears, and perhaps their eventual extinction.
Level 82
Aug 22, 2017
You should accept planes for airplanes, come on...
Level ∞
Aug 23, 2017
Level 51
Oct 12, 2017
Wilhelm Tell should work
Level 80
Oct 14, 2017
Just right "Tell". You rarely need to type a first name.
Level 83
Oct 16, 2017
Should 'underweight' read 'underwear'?
Level 61
Oct 24, 2017
Level 70
Jan 18, 2018
Like mixed questions? try Mal's General Knowledge 31 it is
Level 67
Apr 29, 2018
jails/gaols for prison?
Level 68
Feb 21, 2019
FYI, William Tell question is also in General Knowledge #171.
Level 74
Oct 19, 2019
Hebrew is the sole official language in Israel now, Arabic is now considered a language 'with a special status in the state'
Level ∞
Oct 19, 2019
Thanks, this changed in 2018. The question is now changed as well.
Level 65
Feb 3, 2020
If Victoria's Secret's models are underweight... you can't even imagine how much I love "underweight"women!
Level 73
Sep 21, 2020
In the fifth question, 'and then raised' is miswritten as 'and the raised'.
Level ∞
Sep 21, 2020
Level 48
Feb 8, 2021
Stag do and hen do. They're not usually referred to as parties.