Geography by Letter - L

Can you guess these geographical answers that start with the letter L?
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Last updated: December 7, 2019
First submittedApril 26, 2013
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Capital of England
Former name of St. Petersburg
Largest city in Nigeria
Famous Paris museum
Language of the Roman empire
Type of poem or city in Ireland
2nd biggest city in the U.S.
Los Angeles
Capital of Portugal
Neighbor of Israel
Major city in Yorkshire
Former Italian currency
Leather breeches that
one might see at Oktoberfest
Country just south of Latvia
Beatles' home city
U.S. state named for a French King
U.S. gambling and foreclosure capital
Las Vegas
Country founded for freed American slaves
Biggest island in New York
Long Island
Longest river in France
Founder of Taoism
National airline of Germany
Greek island of Sappho
Main island of the Philippines
Region of northern Norway, Sweden,
Finland and Russia
Level 73
Oct 31, 2013
100%, that was a while ago. L is my new favourite letter
Level 78
Jun 23, 2019
It's always been my favorite but it's nothing to do with geography. It's the first letter of my first name.
Level 42
Apr 25, 2014
Just so you know, Limerick and Liverpool are not counting as answers. Might explain the high number of wrong answers for both. Enjoyed the quiz otherwise. :-)
Level 84
May 22, 2014
Yet 83% get Liverpool and over 60% get Limerick? Doesn't appear to be a problem for most people.
Level 55
May 31, 2014
You don't think the gambling and the foreclosure are related, do you?
Level 58
Mar 26, 2016
Are you crazy? What possible correlation could there be between those two things?
Level 34
Jun 26, 2014
How can 100% of test takers get the capital of england if I didn't get it. I am stupid.
Level 20
Sep 3, 2014
I tried luvre and it didn't work. I think you should add that
Level 70
Nov 15, 2014
you must try the 'sounds like' quiz ............
Level 43
Jan 16, 2016
shouldve said for lapland northern most region of finland :(
Level 63
Apr 9, 2016
I did`nt get 2nd biggest city in the U.S
Level 28
Apr 10, 2016
lol "lesbos"
Level 65
Sep 10, 2020
funny ain´t it
Level 36
Oct 30, 2020
I tried lesbians....
Level 35
Apr 10, 2016
I thought St Petersburg was called Stalingrad
Level 60
Apr 10, 2016
No, Stalingrad is the former name of Volgograd
Level 81
Apr 11, 2016
And before Stalin, it was called Tsaritsyn.
Level 69
Apr 11, 2016
24/24 with 3.57 easy peasy
Level 50
Jun 6, 2019
Bigheadedness is never attractive
Level 51
Jun 24, 2019
he'll be cryin' himself to sleep tonight

on his huge pillow

Level 52
Apr 19, 2017
I actually very much enjoy the questions about human geography topics. They provide a challenge and are much more difficult than the typical political/physical geography questions.
Level 45
Jun 1, 2017
I never realized Louisiana was named after the king but in hindsight it's kind of obvious.
Level 35
Jul 28, 2017
Greek was widely used by the Romans as well as Vulgar Latin.
Level 73
Oct 22, 2019
It doesn’t matter until the day that Greek starts with an L.
Level 42
Jan 26, 2019
The longest river in France is Rhine!
Level 42
Jan 26, 2019
For some reason, my brain couldn't comprehend what l Geography means and I kept guessing Sapmi for the last one.
Level 68
Feb 24, 2019
Isn't the German national airline Luftwaffe?
Level 68
Feb 24, 2019
Joking, that's the German air force.
Level 37
May 11, 2019
Wouldn't accept "Luzon" for me. Also, it just hit me that Louisiana, purchased from Napoleon by Thomas Jefferson, is named after the beheaded king (Louis XVI) who preceded Napoleon as ruler of France. The irony continues... Jefferson was Ambassador to the French Court during Louis XVI's reign.
Level 64
Jun 23, 2019
why isnt llanfairpwllgryngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch on one of the questions
Level 62
Jul 22, 2019
Because it would be even more notoriously difficult to spell than Sri jayawhatever kotte
Level 66
Jun 22, 2020
Lol I thought they meant the financial "capital" one uses for gambling
Level 61
Jan 21, 2021
Got all of them except the Limerick one. I've seen this word so many times as an answer here on JetPunk yet always miss it...