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History of China

Can you guess these facts from Chinese history?
In China, the family name comes first!
Last updated: August 10, 2015
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River called the cradle of Chinese civilzation
Yellow River
What gave the emperor the right to rule
Mandate of Heaven
Chinese name for China, reflecting its position in the world
Middle Kingdom
Oldest book of Chinese classics, credited to the Duke of Zhou
I Ching
Probably China's most influential philosopher
Founder of Daoism
Ancient canal, still the world's longest
Grand Canal
Protective barrier meant to keep out northern invaders
Great Wall
Indian religion that exerted a great influence in China
Mongolian Khan who conquered China
Kublai Khan
Zheng He's fleet of ships bearing gifts throughout Asia
Treasure Fleet
Hairstyle mandated by Manchu conquerors
China fought two wars because of Western efforts
to import this drug
Territory controlled by the UK, 1842-1997
Hong Kong
Military leader of China who fled to Taiwan
Chiang Kai-shek
First communist leader of China
Mao Zedong
Communist economic program that resulted in perhaps
30 million deaths due to famine
Great Leap
Communist effort to purge traditional culture
Cultural Revolution
Chinese leader who said "to get rich is glorious"
Deng Xiaoping
Major Dynasties
202 BC - 202
Ancient capitals
Great inventions of
ancient China
level 80
Jan 6, 2015
Lao-tse? Lao-tzu? Or some such? Please some alternative spellings for that one. Didn't the Chinese also invent paper money?
level 71
Jan 6, 2015
I was going to say the same thing about Lao Tzu!
level ∞
Jan 6, 2015
I added more type-ins for that one.
level 69
Jan 6, 2015
I think there's a typo with Deng XiAoping
level ∞
Jan 6, 2015
level 66
Aug 9, 2015
How the heck to 43% of people know who Deng Xiaopeng is? That seems super high, he's just not that commonly known (I think).
level 75
Aug 9, 2015
Probably because he shows up on my excellent World Leaders of the Cold War quiz.
level 75
May 17, 2016
Although he didn't come immediately after Mao, he was arguably the most important Chinese leader after him. His efforts to open China to the west, economically at least, are the underlying reason so much of the world's goods are now made in China.
level 67
Jun 18, 2018
Just the leader for 10 years of the largest nation on earth. Ever heard of Ronald Reagan? He was the leader of a country about 1/4 the size for about the same time.
level 75
Aug 9, 2015
Maybe the clue should be "Great ___ Forward." Otherwise, you get Great Wall trying to type in Greap Leap.
level ∞
Aug 10, 2015
level 59
Aug 9, 2015
It's very nice that you bring these quizzes to the front page. This way Western people can learn more about Asian history. To be fair, you should accept Hubilai Khan as that's his name in Mongolian.
level 60
Aug 10, 2015
31/33. My undergrad is in Chinese & Japanese History so I'm a little embarrassed I didn't get Deng Xiaoping. Legitimately didn't know compass. A little confused why you didn't include Hangzhou as a capital but did include Luoyang. They both were capitals during broken periods and unified dynasties (Hangzhou-Song, Luoyang-Zhou). Great quiz! I would love to see more "History of...." quizzes for other countries and cultures!
level 37
Aug 12, 2015
Is there any chance you could accept Yangtze for the Yellow River?
level 72
Aug 12, 2015
The Yangtze is not the "cradle of Chinese civilization", just the longest
level 32
Aug 12, 2015
level 36
Aug 12, 2015
Great quiz, I love China but got only 25/33. You could also include paper money in the section of chinese inventions.
level 32
Aug 12, 2015
Can't yellow river also be yangtze
level 75
Oct 14, 2015
No, that would be wrong.
level 32
Aug 12, 2015
63 %. Im happy with that
level 28
Aug 13, 2015
What about the Qin Dynasty?
level 33
Oct 4, 2015
yea, though it lasted only 15 years but it's the first dynasty with China as a whole, also made many important changes and policies that are even in use today
level 68
Aug 18, 2015
Is there any reason why cities like Kaifeng and Hangzhou weren't included as answers to the ancient capitals section? Not old enough or not important enough?